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Post subject: 2923.14 - New to Forum, Feedback Would Be Appreciated
Post Posted: Fri Oct 21, 2016 10:32 am
Hello Folks: I am new to your forum.

My story: I grew up around firearms, starting with a BB-gun at 9 yrs. old. Firearms training while in the Boy Scouts, teaching safety to other scouts, and purchasing my first rifles and handgun at age 21. Went target shooting often with family and friends, hunting occasionally.

31 years ago (1985) I did something stupid at the age of 25 while intoxicated (no excuse). No one knew what had happened. Part of making amends for me was to turn myself in for the event, which I did in 1990. Voluntarily, and under no obligation, went and told the police what had happened (naively without an attorney). I was charged with an F1 felony, which ended up being reduced to an F3. The short version is I was sentenced to 1 year of prison 10/1990, and released on probation 12/1990 fulfilling the balance of my sentence on probation until 10/1991. A non-expugnable offence. Of course, I had firearms at the time and had to get rid of them...

God is good, and I have been gainfully employed for over 25 years, married for 23 years, and recently obtained a Master's Degree from Ashland, among many other positives over the years...

This past January 2016 I consulted with an attorney and filed under 2923.14 in an attempt to get firearms rights restored this past April 2016 in Cuyahoga County. Things finally started hitting the courts this past September 2016. I have had numerous character witnesses write letters of reference (one ex-law enforcement, one current auxiliary police), and had two witnesses with me present at (what was supposed to be)the first hearing.

I never got to see the judge. As a matter of fact, the judge hadn't even looked at the case file, the reference letters, or anything about the case... According to my attorney, the first words out of the judge's mouth were, "What does he want a gun for? They're dangerous." Of course, I drew a liberal, anti-gun democrat judge...

My next hearing is scheduled for 11/04/2016. My attorney literally wants me to write down "why I want a gun." Other than the obvious: family tradition, invited to target shoot with friends & family, protection -- does anyone have any suggestions? Advice? Hope?

Thanks for reading/listening!
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Post subject: Re: 2923.14 - New to Forum, Feedback Would Be Appreciated
Post Posted: Fri Oct 21, 2016 4:45 pm
I don't know if this judge can be swayed by ANY facts, but try citing Article 1, section 04 of the Ohio Constitution. It's worded even stronger and plainer than the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Maybe remind the judge of the oath he/she swore to uphold included both those documents.

"I have decided not to vote, speak in public, assemble in groups or petition my government either directly or by writing to the newspapers.

Some ignorant person may become alarmed, and we can't have that.''

--CAR15A2, 3/31/09
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