Phony Schill org Sportsmen for Obama shoot, talk politics..

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Phony Schill org Sportsmen for Obama shoot, talk politics..

Post by KnightOfTheOldeCode » Fri Oct 31, 2008 6:25 pm

Sportsmen for Obama shoot and discuss politics

Bill Swenson
Lake County News Chronicle

Like other sportsmen I get frustrated when I hear individuals suggest
that “the Democrats are going to take away our guns.”

After spending a career as a fisheries research scientist and in
teaching, I’ve come to believe it is typically the other political party
that limits investment in natural resource programs essential to the
future of sport fishing and hunting. As a result, I asked several
individuals who enjoy guns, shooting and hunting to join me recently in
a sporting clays shoot at the Old Fort Douglas Shooting Range just south
of Superior, to shoot and talk about the Second Amendment, hunting and

John Eaton, a retired Environmental Protection Agency scientist from Two
Harbors, shot with the group. Eaton supervised acid precipitation
research which I participated in during the 1980s. He pointed out that
the Clean Air Act, which developed as a result of the large public
investment in research, has largely been under-mined since the
Republicans took power. I feel those actions not only hurt fisheries and
wildlife, but place human health at risk.
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John Rusch, an avid gun collector, identified the National Rifle
Association (NRA) as the organization which has misled sportsmen about
gun control issues. Rusch suggested that the once reliable NRA has been
largely taken over by the most right wing element of the Republican
Party, saying they have used their control to scare sportsmen and
sportswomen about the future of gun ownership. confirms
John Rusch’s position, concluding that the NRA has twisted and
misrepresented Obama’s position on guns in print and other media to
fabricate a negative position entirely unsupported by fact.

Dennis Cochrane, a Superior attorney, who shoots regularly at Old Fort
Douglas, distributed an article from The Gun Owners, published by the
Gun Owners of America. The article pegged John McCain as a “Gun Control
Zealot” for authoring gun control legislation under the guise of crime
control. Cochrane pointed out that Barack Obama is a legal scholar who
clearly understands the importance of the Second Amendment. He has
common sense and a check of the many websites set up by Sportsmen for
Obama indicates how much he will support our rights to own guns and
conservation efforts essential to the future of hunting, shooting and
fishing sports.

Tom Kazmerzak, who is 23, definitely showed the older individuals how to
shoot that day. Kazmerak demonstrated how the quickness of the mind and
related hand-eye coordination of a younger individual is difficult to
duplicate as age takes its toll on mental processes. This led to a
discussion of how much age will determine the effectiveness of the
person who takes on the demanding job of President of the United States
of America in these troubled times.

Swenson is a retired fisheries scientist and research professor at the
University of Wisconsin Superior and an UW-Extension natural resource
educator. ... b76415481f
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