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Post subject: Three places in Cincinnati?
Post Posted: Wed Jul 08, 2015 8:49 pm
I'll soon visit Ohio for the first time from Texas. I'm glad we finally recognize each other's CHLs!

I've read about Ohio's off-limits places for CHL on this site,, and I've searched this forum and still have questions on some places in Cincinnati:
  1. Freedom Center (Underground Railroad museum)
  2. Great American Ballpark
  3. Kenwood Town Center mall
  4. Cincinnati Zoo
I don't see any prohibition on the first three places unless they're posted, but it looks like the zoo is owned by the city and therefore on the no-carry list.

Can you fill me in on these for sure? Is there a typical format "no guns" signs use? (The specific wording required for enforceable signs is one of the things Texas got right.) Any other info I should know?

EDIT: Oops on the title. I added one.
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Post subject: Re: Three places in Cincinnati?
Post Posted: Wed Jul 08, 2015 11:23 pm
Great American Ball Park is owned by Hamilton County via taxpayer money. Carry is a no go there. Zoo claims to be not only city owned but also part of the public school system too. Maybe bogus but plenty of signage.

Kenwood Town Center allegedly has signs up in spots.

Freedom Center wasn't posted last time I looked.

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Post subject: Re: Three places in Cincinnati?
Post Posted: Tue Jul 14, 2015 1:08 pm
Many mall anchor stores are not posted. I never use a mall entrance so I have no idea and carry concealed the few times I go
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Post subject: Re: Three places in Cincinnati?
Post Posted: Tue Jul 14, 2015 3:46 pm

Welcome Aboard!

There's a sticky at that's probably worth a look, but isn't mandatory, and probably will be sleep inducing :D.... Just some idea of who's here and how this place operates.

I see a couple of the guys have updated you on the Criminal Protection Zone status of the places you want to visit. Schools and government buildings are generally a Felony, sign or no sign, but they're supposed to post. Other buildings are the property owner's responsibility, and it's a misdemeanor. Parking lots, except for schools and the Post Office (that's way up in the air) are CIVIL issues, and their postings can generally be ignored.

The signage issue is kinda silly. The State requires a specific sign for their buildings, but it says "unless authorized". A line or two in the law says "but not you!". Visitors usually miss that. Meantime, private property owners used to use that same sign, and IMHO, we ARE authorized, but IANAL, and not everybody agrees with me. Meantime, the anti folks have been reading our posts, and many of those signs no longer carry the "unless authorized" wording or specifically forbid licensees. IAC, a sign done in lipstick on toilet paper, or even a verbal notice, is valid in OH. No "30.06" fun for us....

My middle sister has property in Dallas and El Paso, and I've been there about three times in the last few years. The only signs I've seen were a 30.06 and some Federal signs INSIDE the sterile area at DFW! (Not counting the usual ones as you enter the sterile areas.) I did run into one that sort of said that "if you're carrying and not licensed, you're in a world of hurt". There's one like that here in Youngstown, but lots of CPZ signs....

The other OH zinger is houses of worship. Unless the place is posted "CHL's Welcome", or you have written permission from whoever's in charge, it's a Felony.... You might squeeze by with verbal authorization, but....

IAC, just about anybody, as the property owner, or his/her agent, can put up a sign, or tell you not to carry in there, but practically nobody can tell you to ignore the sign.



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