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Post subject: CHL firearm locked in car on school premesis okay?
Post Posted: Sat Aug 15, 2015 11:05 am
Hi all,

I signed up for this website long ago when my wife and I first received our CHL's. I now have a question regarding CHL holders and school safety zones..

A little background: My wife works a second shift position in a cash office at a local grocery chain and walks after work almost every night with one of her girlfriends, keeping her gun locked in the car while she is on the clock and putting it on before walking.

problem now is, she is currently considering taking a position as a lunchroom monitor at a local elementary school and would go straight from one job to another. Is it permitted by Ohio law to leave your firearm stored and locked in your vehicle on school property? I have read the section on school zones that is posted but it still seems kinda vague to me about this particular situation.. mostly talking about now allowed to "carry" and about drop-off's, etc.

Any insight from someone much more experienced would be appreciated...

Thank you,
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Post subject: Re: CHL firearm locked in car on school premesis okay?
Post Posted: Sat Aug 15, 2015 12:32 pm

We picked up "picking up and dropping off kids" a while back. You and the gun apparently have to stay in the vehicle, though, to stay legal. Nobody's sure (with thanks to our legislators) what happens if you have to go into the school for some reason, or even help the kids to get to the vehicle. This does NOT cover a spouse who works there, although if the kids are part of a car pool, you don't have to be transporting your kids.

However, there is still no provision for just securing a firearm in your vehicle because you are working there, or even just visiting.

In short, NO is the answer to your question.... Someday....

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Post subject: Re: CHL firearm locked in car on school premesis okay?
Post Posted: Wed Aug 19, 2015 8:14 am
No, you can't have a gun in your car on school premises, even if it's locked. I had a patient (I did a psych eval on him two years ago) who ended up getting arrested for possession of a handgun on school property after he went to pick up his daughter from school. It was discovered after he created a scene and his older daughter informed the school and police that responded that he had a CHL and had a gun. The charges were later dropped because the police used their discretion (he was friends with all the police, including the police chief). I wouldn't count on similar leniency in any other case.

In my opinion, this individual should never have been issued a CHL or even be permitted to own a firearm because of his volatile temper.

You may remain in your car with a loaded handgun, provided that you are waiting to pick someone up or drop them off. If you have to leave your handgun in your vehicle, park outside of the exclusion zone.

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