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CHL, SB199, Motorcycles, and my workplace parking
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Author:  tpthatsme [ Sat Mar 18, 2017 11:43 am ]
Post subject:  CHL, SB199, Motorcycles, and my workplace parking

Hello BFA,

I have a question about my CHL, SB199, motorcycles, and my workplace parking. I read that I can keep my firearm in a locked area inside my car and also my trunk. I ride a motorcycle to work and I do have lockable luggage on my bike, but does the law allow me to move a firearm from my person to my lockable luggage? I would think this would be the same as a car trunk. The way my company policy was changed, it sounds like I have to enter the property with it in my trunk already. They don't want me leaving the car with it on my person. Can anyone clarify this for me?


Author:  SMMAssociates [ Sun Mar 19, 2017 4:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: CHL, SB199, Motorcycles, and my workplace parking


Welcome Aboard!

There's a sticky at that you should have a look at, but it's not mandatory. I think the Geneva Convention folks are upset about it, too.... :D

If you have a CHL IMHO you should be able to find a quiet (and relatively invisible) place to swap your gun into some kinds of luggage, bag, etc. "Management" may not take to kindly about seeing you do it, though. I think I'd just put the gun in the unlocked luggage, and lock it up when I got into the parking lot.

If you haven't got a CHL, UNLOAD IT first, and then lock it up before you leave your driveway (or parking area) and keep it locked in there until you get home. You cannot carry a firearm, loaded or not, unless it's fully secured without a license.

We have more than a few others here who will likely chime in and tell me I'm full of it :). I will admit to being old....


Author:  cryptoknight [ Sat Apr 01, 2017 12:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: CHL, SB199, Motorcycles, and my workplace parking

Stu, with respect, a bit of that advice is incorrect. SB199 only protects you from employer, land owner or business owner prohibitions if you have CHL.

I ride as well, and thanks to SB199, have been riding Harley to work nearly each day for last 2 weeks, carrying .45.

Read the law carefully again. I am not a lawyer, but this is my understanding:
> When you're on a motorcycle, you're not _IN_ a motor vehicle, you're _ON_ a motor vehicle.
> The firearm and all ammo only has to stay IN the vehicle while you are IN the vehicle.
> You can lock firearm and all ammo in a container ON your vehicle.
> It's also my understanding that you CAN carry a loaded firearm on a motorcycle via open carry without a CHL, but then you're not protected by SB199.

So, ride to work, concealed or open, doesn't matter. Lock firearm in saddlebag or trunk on bike, along with spare mags/moon clips/speed loaders, and you're good to go.

In theory, as long as you have your CHL, you could also carry SBR this way. However, you'd need a really big saddlebag, like a Victory Vision or Magnum.



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