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Post subject: Re: Large-scale ammo purchases
Post Posted: Sat Oct 27, 2012 11:10 am
glock23 wrote:
Interesting perspective on the Joint Special Operations Command I never considered - they are under direct command from the Administration and are not accountable to Congress.

I don't understand what you are saying. The military always has been under direct control of the President. Congress has never controlled the armed forces.

(Oh gosh, can you imagine WWII if Congress was running it?)


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Post subject: Re: Large-scale ammo purchases
Post Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2012 6:00 pm

Welcome Aboard!

There's a sticky at that you should read. Not mandatory, and potentially sleep inducing, but there may be a quiz....

I'm not overly concerned about the ammunition purchases, although the price gouging that seems to have happened by last Wednesday bothers me.

However, I've always been a little afraid of Zero's private army. We still may wake up some morning and find out what really happened to Acorn's membership....

This is (Moderator hat on) no place to talk about revolutions, but keeping vigilant is another story.... Start identifying politicians who don't stand with us, so they can be legally removed from office at the first opportunity. Start pushing our friends (and enemies) to defund anything that Zero tries to do under (or above) the radar.... Things like that....

Or, just learn Arabic....



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Post subject: Re: Large-scale ammo purchases
Post Posted: Wed Mar 13, 2013 7:28 pm
[quote]I shot 40K rounds of 9x19 last year.[quote]

So at roughly $15 a box of 50 you shot 12 Grand worth of 9mm? :roll:
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Post subject: Re: Large-scale ammo purchases
Post Posted: Wed Mar 13, 2013 7:48 pm
That was before the price hike. :lol: Check the date of my post. :lol: I only spent about $8K on ammo that year.

Yes, I shot that much - and what's more, I've admitted to plenty of people on various Forums that half of that was probably wasted. :oops: Sadly, I didn't realize that there was no "wall to push through." I fought fatigue, to my own failing.

I purchased only 3 guns that year (as well as completely dropped my other hobby - playing with my cars). Instead of spending money on guns that I'd never shoot, I shot the heck out of the ones I had. Those who are local to me will vouch for the fact that they see me in enough classes to justify that figure. One of my local instructors, upon seeing me shoot and learning of my history that July (2012, by then, I'd been shooting for about 8 months), pegged the number of rounds I had then put through my primary class/training gun to within 1K of actual, at 15K. Since I've had no prior firearms training, I figured that if I were taking this grave a step to insure the safety of my loved ones, I'd better do it right. I also completed approximately 100 hours' worth of pistol classes that year, not including the Ohio-CHL requirements.

You can roll your eyes :lol: , but I'm not exaggerating.

The ammo figure is one that I've stated as a matter-of-fact, and it's also one that I've used to help other new shooters see where I (and where they can) had gone wrong. I've since realized that it's not all about live-fire, and I've reiterated this belief to others seeking advice.

The past year, I was on-track to about the 20K mark - which was where I wanted to be. At the last minute due to various unforeseen issues, three classes that I'd planned to attend canceled (and no, not all were due to me bailing :P , over the last two years' worth of some 200+ hours of pistol classes alone, I've only ever had to back out of *one* class due to a family emergency), and that left me short of that mark by several thousand rounds - a good thing, actually, since prices went through the roof. Still don't believe me? There were some 30+ students and instructors with whom I took 6 near-consecutive days' worth of classes this past summer, over the course of which I'd used about 4K rounds.

Is it really that hard to believe that people actually do want to practice? :D

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