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Post subject: Probable cause? Am I free to go?
Post Posted: Mon Sep 09, 2013 8:09 am

As a fanatic literalist, I would probably answer that question that way too.

Me on a plane:
Attendant: "Coffee, tea, or milk?"
Me: "Yes"

Me in a club where I wanted to watch the entertainment not talk to a drunk, but wanted to have some fun:
Drunk next to me: "Do you know what time it is?"
Me after checking my watch, "Yes"
Drunk 30 seconds later, "Will you tell me the time?"
Me, "Sure."
Drunk after mulling that one over for about a minute, "What time is it?"
Me, "Oh, you didn't ask that before. It's 2115."
Drunk, "WTH does that mean?"
Me, "It means it's quarter after nine at night."
Drunk, "Thanks"

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