BFA Gubernatorial Endorsement

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Re: BFA Gubernatorial Endorsement

Post by thegrinch911 » Tue Feb 13, 2018 11:11 am

Are we considering that DeWine is, as the wind blows, in his Pro Gun stance? If so , then why was Mary Taylor not discussed as the best option? Or as any option since it appears she has been soundly Pro-Gun from the start?

Brian D.
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Re: BFA Gubernatorial Endorsement

Post by Brian D. » Tue Feb 13, 2018 2:08 pm

Ohio Republican Party thinks DeWine is their best chance against whatever Democrat gets the nod through the primary process. Hence, ORP will throw the campaign dollars and support starting now.

My take is that BFA wants to be seen as betting on the favorite. Whether that gets them a little more face time from DeWine afterwards is mostly wishful thinking in my opinion.
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Re: BFA Gubernatorial Endorsement

Post by HowardLuken » Thu Apr 19, 2018 5:41 pm

sd790 wrote:DeWine is anti-gun and was even endorsed by the Brady Campaign in the past. There is no way any pro-gun organization should consider endorsing him. It's a shame that Husted is his running mate because Husted is a good pro-gun person.

It looks like DeWine will be the GOP candidate. I certainly hope that the NRA and BFA politely bow out and do NOT support such an anti-gun governor.

What are your thoughts?
First off, I know for a fact that the muckety-mucks have made the insider deals, DeWine is in and Husted, although despised by Mikey and other big wigs was added to the ticket to keep him out of the running. Dirty deals done dirt cheap. I posted here under DEWINE? with a poll. Dump the BFA and start another advocacy group NOT on the take.
I sent the following to the BFA. Also understand they don't seem too interested in real advocacy or these forums. When I got my CHL here in Ohio I noticed a somewhat lackadaisical attitude from these boys and the vaunted attorney who claims to be the authority on gun rights... he yawned and droned on for an eternity during the time I wasted at that facility that shall remain nameless.
Why in the world are you endorsing Mike DeWine? His record on guns is dismal. He pays lip service to it. I was privy to some conversations while chauffeuring a party big wig for a couple months at the end of last year and can vouch that he and his cohorts have no intention of keeping typical election "promises" or stopping all this misguided legislation being introduced. Kasich is cut from the same cloth. Complete A-holes who will say anything to stay in office or get those cushy corporate sellout jobs afterwards. Someone hinted you [BFA] may be on the take at that last Statehouse rally that was attended by hickock45 and others. I know for a fact that you are.

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