Post subject: Re: Constitutional Carry
Post Posted: Fri May 22, 2015 11:22 am
Liberty wrote:
You come to one of Ohio's finest universities in one of Ohio's finest cities in mass with rifles drawn in an ostentatious display that would frighten ISIS where neither the university nor the city police are hostile to the 2nd Amendment and protest them for public policies forced upon them by the Ohio legislature, while at the same time, BFA and many on this forum ignore legislation (that is about to be passed by the same legislators responsible for the policy you are protesting) that legitimizes the anti-2nd Amendment agenda of Bloomberg, the Brady Bunch and Tobby Hoover.

So glad to have read this latest from you. A breathless display of run-on, ranting, inaccurate hyperbole that pretty much sums up your overall contributions to this forum board, at least over the last several months anyway. I would go to the trouble of picking it apart piece by piece, but why bother?

Stu or other moderators, isn't about time to get out the old time vaudeville hook for this act? Please.

"I have decided not to vote, speak in public, assemble in groups or petition my government either directly or by writing to the newspapers.

Some ignorant person may become alarmed, and we can't have that.''

--CAR15A2, 3/31/09
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Post subject: Re: Constitutional Carry
Post Posted: Fri May 22, 2015 12:30 pm


I thought this thread was dead, but apparently not.


This is not an attack on you or your beliefs, but you've said the same things constantly every time something comes up that's close to you.

SO, locked.



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