Attention!!! Policy on Posting Content from Other Web Sites

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Attention!!! Policy on Posting Content from Other Web Sites

Post by WileyCoyote » Fri Jul 15, 2011 10:38 pm

Buckeye Firearms Assoc. (BFA) Forum - Policy on Posting Content from Outside Internet Sources

Due to a growing phenomenon of internet content producers bringing litigation against web forums and social networking sites for hosting information posted by users that contains copyrighted material, we are asking forum members to adhere to a few simple guidelines when posting information taken from other internet sources.

Please use one of the following practices when posting content taken from internet sources, such as news providers, blogs, etc.:
  1. Include an exerpt (significantly condensed or shortened quotation, ...several sentences..) of the source text being quoted, and include a hyperlink to the source URL. Please do not quote the entire piece.

    • Take a look at today's news from

      ... a portion of the text in the xyzNews article here ...
  2. Paraphrase the source text in your own words, and include a hyperlink to the source URL.

  3. Omit source information altogether, and simply post a hyperlink to the source URL.

Thanks, and enjoy the forum!

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Re: Attention!!! Policy on Posting Content from Other Web Si

Post by DuckNShoot3080 » Sun Dec 30, 2012 5:31 pm

It figures, now I read this.....whoops! I posted on the Black Rifle with a quote from CTD and it was the entire article. Live and learn I guess. Maybe I should take it down?
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Re: Attention!!! Policy on Posting Content from Other Web Si

Post by SMMAssociates » Sun Dec 30, 2012 10:44 pm


Don't panic until the crew with the torches and pitchforks get there....

There's a 2-day window on editing or deleting a post. If you've exceeded that, holler, and somebody will help out....

Basically, the idea is to post enough that us guys who are too old to spend time looking at an alternate site without knowing really what to expect, will know what to expect :D....

Really, if the "entire article" is just a paragraph or two, it hardly matters, but DO post a link and clearly identify the source.

What's fun is the guy who says "here's a post you should look at - everybody's going to die", and then a link, which points to an actuarial table for smokers or some such.... :mrgreen: That can get you a midnight visit from Rich....

Wiley has pretty well covered the "Official" rules, and I'm not trying to get around them as much as just poke a little fun. If you feel that something's worth bringing to our attention, do it!


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