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Post subject: 5.56 loads for AR?
Post Posted: Sun Jun 23, 2013 9:51 pm
Anybody have a favorite load for AR-15s?

Use would be primarily for target shooting at low cost.

Rifle has a 1 in 9" twist.

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Post subject: Re: 5.56 loads for AR?
Post Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2013 11:55 pm
i havent loaded much .223/5.56 for a few years , but i do have all of my data .
what powders do you have on hand to use , my own personal fav for .223 has always been imr 3031 .
what bullet do you have in mind of using ... these days it seems that your kinda stuck with what bullets you can find more so then with what you want to use .

for bulk shooting you have to keep an eye on midway and other places .. a lot of times they will put bulk amounts of seconds on sale very reasonable . mostly bullets like the varmit grenade and such .

i know lots of fellows who only buy the seconds for target shooting and they all say they shoot just as well as first quality bullets ....
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Post subject: Re: 5.56 loads for AR?
Post Posted: Sat Jun 29, 2013 8:19 am
While I have not reloaded any .223 for some time, . . . as stephens45-70 said, . . . IMR3031 is a good choice, . . . if you can find it.

Don't quote me, . . . but I believe we were in the 26.5 to 26.9 gr loads then, . . . using a 53 gr BTHP bullet. I didn't have a chrono so I cannot tell you the speed, . . . but I can tell you that one time (and one time only, sad to say) I managed 10 of those rounds down range at 100 yards, . . . if you dropped a quarter just right on the target, . . . you covered up all 10 rounds.

That was out of a Colt AR-15, one of the mid 70's models, . . . cannot tell you the twist, . . . wasn't important back then.

It also is a full case, . . . practically a packed charge.

I just got a new Hornady reloader, . . . so I'll be going back into that sometime later this summer or early fall.

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Post subject: Re: 5.56 loads for AR?
Post Posted: Wed Sep 25, 2013 9:04 pm
My plinking round is a Hornady 55gr FMJ or SP with 26.0gr of TAC. It's a bit of a hot load but my AR shoots well with it (sub-MOA if I'm shooting off my bipod). On, the go to plinking round seems to be 24.5gr of TAC. That shot OK for me, but I got better accuracy with 26gr. 24.5gr of Hogdon H335 with those same bullets also shot well for me.
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Post subject: Re: 5.56 loads for AR?
Post Posted: Sat Nov 09, 2013 11:48 pm
my plinker round is everglades ammo bulk 55grain fmj version 2 with 26.5- 27 grains of hodgdon cfe 223 haven't seen these over the chronograph yet 15 cents a round !
i also run the nosler ballistic tipped 55 g bullet with 27.5 grains of cfe 223 as well that's in the 3155 ish ft/sec league


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