ZT0350TS and usamadeblade.com review

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ZT0350TS and usamadeblade.com review

Post by ThawMyTongue » Tue Aug 20, 2013 12:28 pm

Sooooo, I had come to the conclusion I needed to upgrade my EDC knife. For years now a Gerber Evo had been my constant companion. I have used it to the point of nearly wearing the serrations off. The lock up is still good and I have broken it in to the point a flick of the wrist will cause the blade to snap out with authority. I have no complaints, but there are so many shiny, pointy things out there! I have had the ZT0350 on the radar for a while now and was waiting for my Evo to break or wear out before taking the plunge.

Well, usamadeblade.com forced my hand with their ZT "august" coupon code. The coupon brought the ZT0350TS to $110 shipped... SOLD! I placed the order on Friday 8/16 at 1130 and the knife and a free koozie were delivered to my office yesterday afternoon! There was no shipping notification, but if you are going to be that fast I'm fine with it.


My first impressions are great! This is not a small knife, but it feels perfectly proportioned in the hand. Closed, the blade is perfectly centered in the liner and the overall knife is thin and pocket friendly. A flick of the finger brings the assisted blade out with a solid "shwack". Open, this knife has the solid feel of a fixed blade and the finger stop and jimping are just right to maintain a comfortable solid grip on the knife. One handed closing with the liner lock is a breeze which surprised me after reading many reviews to the contrary. The blade is razor sharp for now, but I haven't really used it for anything yet.

If my experience from here on out is as great as my first impressions, this knife will easily be one of my favorite tools.




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Re: ZT0350TS and usamadeblade.com review

Post by bluedog46 » Wed Oct 02, 2013 4:02 pm

Pretty nice looking.

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