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Post subject: Re: Help finding some threads on knife/ knife carry issues.
Post Posted: Fri Jun 13, 2014 4:03 pm
Joe Sixpack wrote:
far as I know yes, I tried to research this a year or so back when I traded in my buck folder for a small spring assist..
Frankly I love SA and wouldn't go back, although the SA knives probably would'nt hold up to abuse as well.

From what I've read they're legal because unlike other knifes that are banned like switch blades on a SA 1. you are exerting force on teh blade directly.. not thru mechanical means such a button or slider, and 2. you still have to travel about 1/3rd of the way before the spring will work.

however with that said IANAL and the knife laws in this state not to mention county are a complete mess.

Mine is a 2.5 blade, it was a down size from the 3.5 folder but it's less likely to raise eyebrows, also try to get a knife without a serrated blade, from what I understand a lot of charges dealing with knifes get settled case by case in court.. a Serrated blade is seen as more of a weapon feature then a tool.. a lot of knifes comes with them though and they're useful but are a pita to sharpen.
mine also has a seat belt cutter and a glass breaker although I wonder how well either of those features actually work.

there is too much emphasis given to guns when dealing with the 2a, knives pre-date the musket and are tool and weapon alike.
But for some reason there is not much concern of the sate of laws regulating knives and other weapons. just look at how many laws there are surrounding things like nun chucks and throwing stars.

From what I've read a lot of the laws surrounding switch blades, butterfly knifes, nunchucks, brass knuckles, etc was in response to movies in the 50's depicting them as the weapon of choice for youth gangs.

just as it is now with guns the logic was banning the weapons solved the problem, even if such "weapons" was in common use by non-criminals (apparently switch blades was a common style of knife way back when), or gave little time in discovering what weapons was ACTUALLY in common use by such youth gangs.
They passed new laws based on emotional fear and movies.

We see this today as they try to ban popular ar15's which millions of non criminals own, or .50BMG rifles which are practically never used in crimes.

+1 Brother, what I can't seem to wrap my mind around is that if I have a CHL and am carrying a firearm, Johnny Law can make a descision that the knife, no matter what it is, is somehow more deadly or heinous than a 44 magnum, its kind of ridicules if you ask me :xconf:

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Post subject: Re: Help finding some threads on knife/ knife carry issues.
Post Posted: Fri Jun 13, 2014 5:33 pm
^ And there's that, too.

That's what snagged Mr. Porschein.

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Post subject: Re: Help finding some threads on knife/ knife carry issues.
Post Posted: Tue Jul 15, 2014 9:20 pm knife laws app, "Legal Blade" (iPhone and google play) for all 50 states! ... 3&Itemid=1

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