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Hello from Central OHIO

Post by jjkroch » Tue Jul 22, 2014 8:16 am

Greetings Everyone,

We've been living west of C'bus for the last 18yrs. Married with 2 kids, one in college the other in High School. The wife supports my hobby and is a firm believer in my stance that you can never have too much ammo... Both my boys enjoy going to the range and we go as often as we can.

NRA Life Member and I've been a member up at Blackwing for quite a few years and also shot a bit out at Darby Creek before they were forced to shut down. Need a good shooting range over on the west side. I've had my CCW for around 7 years and carry when I can. I stick with 22LR, 9mm and 380 for handgun, well except for a 357 revolver that was too good of a deal to pass up. Long gun 308, 30.06, 22LR, 223/5.56 and a few shot guns for good measure.

I am looking to start reloading, but need to find a good class to figure out just what I really need to get started.

I did read the rules this morning as well. (I see your attack dog and raise you two 70lb lap mutts) I'm looking forward to joining the community.


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Re: Hello from Central OHIO

Post by SMMAssociates » Tue Jul 22, 2014 3:34 pm


Sammy's about 24#.... No contest....

I think Peaches (the orange cat) is about 20#. Guess we could add her and Duke (maybe 15#) and have a contest :D....

Sammy's a little under the weather this AM - I'm not sure what he ate, but, naturally, he picked a spot that will show, and we just had the carpet cleaned Saturday afternoon....

I'll give you the short form of my reloading story.... About 45 years ago, give or take, some buddies and I decided that would be a good idea. We bought the hardware, a furnace, some molds, etc. Blew up when somebody's mom or wife (I can't remember who) decided that she didn't want gunpowder in the house....

October 2012, I finally decided that I had to either start reloading or give up shooting. Prices were inching up, and I had a spare few bucks. Spent way too much, and when I brought it home, the wife, who should have been at work, was home - she'd fallen at work and hurt herself a bit. "Stu we gotta talk" took up about an hour while the stuff was in the unlocked car in the driveway....

She's fine now....

I picked a Dillon RL650B because a buddy has one, and we can share expertise and spare parts. Downside is that it can cost as much as $200 to add an other caliber to your collection. (I'm doing .45ACP and .40S&W now. 9mm someday.)

I would strongly recommend a "progressive" press - one that moves the cases along for you, stopping at each die or powder station. These are more expensive, but unless you're into "minute of gnat" accuracy loading, seem to be worth it. I can't recommend Lee (just seem cheap), but you can buy a decent one for what I paid to add 40S&W.... RCBS and Hornady seem to have excellent presses. Get one that you can convert to single stage easily, or at least turn off some of the magic while setting up.

Mount the press on something as solid as you can find. 1" plywood, for example. I had an old oak desk with about a 1.5" thick top. These things transmit a LOT of force onto the table top.

You will need a set of dies for each caliber, a powder measure as part of the press or stand-alone, a good scale (avoid the electronic ones), and if you're really serious, a chrono.... I skipped Dillon's case feeder ($200). Slows me down, but that's a lot of powder :D....

You'll need a supply of cases, bullets, powder, and primers, too. Casting is fairly easy, but you can get bullets "ready to go" if you're not too picky.

Buy an inexpensive case cleaner (I like the vibratory types - they're cheap :) ), a media separator (your wife may have a salad spinner you can steal, but....), and some cleaning media. Walnut shells and corn husks.... Also some polishing agent (Flitz makes one) to really help things along.

Finally, a bullet puller, for correcting mistakes :D, and in my case, a spare de-capping die in a junk single-stage press somebody gave me. Add a good reloading manual, and you should be good to go, presuming I didn't leave anything out.... A cheap micrometer (case length) is also a good idea....

Some serious patience is required, too - especially during setups. You may have to make up a half-dozen or more trial loads, and spend a few weeks heading to the range that one night the wife lets you go out without an electronic bracelet....

(That was one problem I had - powder was always easy to get during the crunch, but I never seemed to be able to find the stuff I'd used last, and some bullets got hard to find for a while. Lots of testing....)

I'm sure the guys will have more suggestions.


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Re: Hello from Central OHIO

Post by jjkroch » Wed Jul 23, 2014 10:22 am

Thanks for the input. Sammy would definitely win. Pirate, the larger black and white one is scared of rabbits, cats, and his own shadow. Farley on the other hand is the lover, every animal is his friend. I have a workbench with a solid 2.5" wood top I plan to use for reloading. I've been stocking up on components for the calibers I am looking to reload. At this point I just need the hardware to start up the process. I was also told to start out with the 9mm and 380, get comfortable with the process and then move in to the 30.06 and 223. Should be fun

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Re: Hello from Central OHIO

Post by WileyCoyote » Thu Jul 31, 2014 11:40 pm

welcome fellow NRA lifer!
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