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Post subject: New member with Ohio - Michigan ?
Post Posted: Thu Jan 01, 2015 12:38 am
Just found this site and it is a great source of information. I have searched around but can't find the answer to this question.
I have had a conceled carry permit for a little over a yr and have recently started a new business which has me wanting to carry on a daily bases. From what I understand from Ohio law is this my conceled handgun can be on my person in my vehicle as long as it is holstered on my person and not excessable to anyone else in the vehicle. correct? Since I live in NW Ohio I frequently drive over the state line to Michigan. I know my permit has reciprocity to Michigan but is the conceled handgun on my person in my vehicle the same as Ohio?
Thanks in advance.
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Post subject: Re: New member with Ohio - Michigan ?
Post Posted: Thu Jan 01, 2015 1:05 am
It does not have to be holstered on your person in Ohio any more, that changed a couple of years ago. Still should not be accessible to any non-licensee.

As to Michigan, I couldn't find anything in a quick search that specified if there are any specific requirements for carry in a vehicle. You might want to ask in a Michigan carry group if nobody in here has a more definitive answer.

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Post subject: Re: New member with Ohio - Michigan ?
Post Posted: Thu Jan 01, 2015 5:40 am

Welcome Aboard!

There's a sticky referenced in the "Forum Rules" masthead at the top of this page that you should have a look at, but it's not mandatory. Kinda sleep inducing, but that may be handy on these long winter nights if you're not hunched over a PC or a reloading press :D....

JustaShooter pretty well covered OH. The "in a holster, on your person" thing went away a couple years ago. As he said, though, you still need to keep unlicensed individuals away from the thing. IOW, if it's in the glovebox, LOCK IT.... (Personally, I'd just wear it, but that's another option.) There's a zinger in there about containers that use some kind of snap closure rather than an actual lock - that should work well enough, too. The spirit of the law, besides keeping the kids away from the gun, is to force you to do more than one "overt act" to bring the gun into action should you wish to challenge an LEO. Our safety is a tad less important than "Officer Safety", but that's another story.

MI has some goofy rules, too, but you should be able to find them easily enough. Meantime, don't be afraid to ask here. One or two of the gang are still allowed in Michigan....

(Both of my sisters, and three or four of the younger one's kids, all went to UofM and Ohio State. Gets a little strange down in Columbus once in a while :D....)



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Post subject: Re: New member with Ohio - Michigan ?
Post Posted: Tue Jan 06, 2015 6:15 pm
I am in the opposite situation as I have a home in MI but am moving to OH (I have OH drivers license and residence also) MI CPL (concealed pistol license) is similar to OH CHL. MI has reciprocity with OH and there is the duty to notify Law enforcement if you are carrying and stopped. It does not need to be in a holster or container as in OH when in MI but it is a sensible idea anyways to have the weapon secure. In reading the OH CHL info it appears OH is very similar but slightly more strict on a few instances than MI.
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