New Class and Event Posting Rules 03/03/2013

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Please refer to he Class/Event Posting Rules at viewtopic.php?f=9&t=16733.
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New Class and Event Posting Rules 03/03/2013

Post by SMMAssociates » Sun Mar 03, 2013 5:31 am

1) Two posts every other limit to the number of classes in each

2) Only legitimate "bumps" for updating any changes, or available seats
remaining in the class. The term "legitimate" will be handled at moderator
discression upon immediate review of the post.

3) The information included in the subject line will be limited to date,
location, type of class. No pricing will be permitted in the subject line.

4) This forum is provided for the benefit of all instructors and clubs
wishing to promote their classes/events, as a service to shooters/students
all over Ohio. Participation in this forum is voluntary, and there is no
guarantee of access explicit or assumed. Anyone determined to be abusing
this forum, or not teaching classes in accordance with the law can be
immediately removed without notice.

Please note that the editing and/or deleting function times out in
approximately two days. If you really need a post edited or deleted, and
don't feel it can be handled by a "bump" message, any of the Mods can help