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Post subject: Tactical Firearms training with Force on Force, Bedford
Post Posted: Thu Oct 16, 2014 12:23 pm
With the world changing for the worse everyday, more and more people are getting permits to carry concealed handguns and for good reasons.

HOWEVER,, owning and carrying a handgun is just the beginning. Over 95% of people who carry firearms actually DON'T know how to use it. Going to the shooting range and shooting at stationary targets is fun, but it does not get you ready for a real life, life threatening encounter with someone who wants to kill you.

Paper targets don't shoot back,, BUT OURS DO.

Tactical Firearms: 4 Hours: $100

Street Combatives offers Intense Tactical Firearms training that we conduct inside a large industrial building where we teach you how to search and secure buildings as well as how to assess and if necessary, engage paper as well as live threats.

Instead of using real handguns, we utilize Real Action Markers, which are specially designed Glock 19 handguns that shoot .43 caliber hard rubber bullets st velocities of 25--300 feet per second.

Our training guns are the same guns that Law Enforcement and that military use. They are similar to simunitions but cost less to use (.08 cents per shot compared to .70 cents per shot)

Students will learn how to search and secure staircases, hallways and rooms. Students will be engaging shoot and no-shoot realistic paper targets.

At the end of this four hour course, we remove all the cardboard targets and students will then role play with the other students, some being good guys while others are bad. Students will have to search out, locate and assess the other students and if needed, engage the students in a gun fight. YES,, students will be shooting at other students. This is a whole new level of training. Students do wear protective equipment.

It does not get more real than this.


After the four hour Tactical Firearms Course we then offer the same course all over again but students do this course as a two person team. Students will learn to communicate, work with, search with and secure rooms with someone else. This is great for Husband and wife teams or for buddies.

So, Now that you have a handgun, why not take the time and learn to use it. Whether it be your house, your place of employment or in the building you are in when the bad guy tries to kill you, Knowing how to use your handgun in this ever changing world of ours is essential.

For more information, please visit or website: http://www.StreetCombatives.US
or email us at: [email protected]

We also offer Close Quarter and Knife Combative training.
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