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Post subject: Sunday 30th Aug Intermediate Handgun - Spots Open
Post Posted: Tue Aug 25, 2015 11:10 am
We have a few extra spots that have opened up for our class coming up this Sunday. Class price is $250, however discounts are available. Class is held in Canal Winchester 9-5 this Sunday.

Course Objective: To further advance the student in the principles of marksmanship, gunfighter traits and skills, so they may apply them in a worst case self-defense scenario.

Course Description: Building on the Basic class we now take the shooters to the next level of intensive training. Students are expected to have much of the basic principles of marksmanship down along with basic knowledge of malfunctions and how to deal with them.

Moving forward in this class we will work on such items as:

Further refinement of Gunfighter Traits, Skills, Mindset and Tactics
Further marksmanship practice
Reloads and Malfunction Drills
Movement drills, combined with malfunctions and multiple shooting positions
Team building drills
Off angle shooting

As we bring all of these together we will be practicing them all on the live fire range. We will exercise each one, culminating in drills where we use each and every one of these to bring in real world use of the firearm. We will use various targets and distances, including close quarter based targets.

At the end of each class we will run a quick timed contest between all the students, with the prize of shooting one of our full auto firearms being given to the winner. The range will be open also for other students to work on any parts they feel they want to practice more before we move on to debrief and certificates.

Our classes, while serious in nature, are designed to work at a pace that most students can keep up with regardless of age and fitness level. Our instructors will make certain that not only are you receiving the training but that it is an enjoyable experience for all. There will be physical activities during class such as movement and moderate running, however we will adapt to any unique needs of students.

Firearm Required: High Capacity (13+ Round recommended) Not recommended for Revolvers or Sub-Compacts

Ammunition Required: 600 Rounds
Magazines Required : 3 Minimum

Required Equipment for Students:

Ear and Eye Protection
Functioning Semi-Auto handgun with at least 3 magazines
600 rounds of ammunition
High quality holster, with magazine pouch.
Holster may be concealed or duty style
Comfortable clothing
Class will proceed even if raining, so please be prepared.

Optional Equipment for Students:

Rain Gear
Knee Pads
Ballistic Vest
Water, Snacks, Bagged Lunch
Sun Screen

Sign up is here

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