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Post subject: 8 Hour Low Light Handgun, Rittman, Nov 7
Post Posted: Tue Oct 27, 2015 4:02 pm
8 Hour Low Light Handgun
Nov 7, 2015 3pm-11pm
Rittman, OH

Link to register-
This 8 hour class will introduce students to a variety of techniques and tactics concerning low light handgun shooting. We start in the classroom with a lecture and discussion regarding techniques, tactics and equipment. After the short classroom portion we head to the live fire range and practice the skills during day light. As the sun sets we are able to practice the skills in a low light environment. The class is not for the beginner. Students need to have a grasp on the fundamentals of marksmanship (Grip, Sights and Trigger Control), safe and proficient weapons handling.

Class Objectives

Combat mindset
Gear selection/placement
Effective use of lights (handheld and weapon mounted)
Target identification
Multiple target engagement
Emergency reload
Malfunction drills
Shooting while moving

Students are required to bring:

Handgun and a minimum of 3 magazines or 3 speed strips/speed loaders.
Handheld flashlight with extra batteries.
Optional- weapon mounted light and/or laser
Belt and holster (Shoulder holsters are only permitted in private training)
300 rounds of ammunition, NO RELOADS
Eye and Ear Protection. Insure you have clear eye protection for low light training.
Note taking materials
Lunch and water. We will take a short break for lunch but we will not leave the range.
Valid CCW Permit
Rental guns/equipment are available. Contact Andrew prior to registration.
Questions? Email Andrew at:

[email protected]

Stay Safe, Andrew

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Post subject: Re: 8 Hour Low Light Handgun, Rittman, Nov 7
Post Posted: Mon Apr 11, 2016 2:36 am
Shooting in low light can be very challenging and overwhelming to some people. Thanks to firearms training schools which are giving all these lessons under professional trainers. Thanks for the information about the course and objective of the class.

Get firearms safety training online from an NRA certified school.
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