Aimpoint recommendation?

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Re: Aimpoint recommendation?

Post by TacMac » Fri Dec 23, 2016 5:53 pm

Lets make it simple. If you are never going to use Night Vision with you Aimpoint Micro Just get the H1,

If you plan on adding Night vision they you will need the T1.

And to be honest, most people can not tell the difference between the 2moa vs or the 4moa, So where ever on you can get a better deal on.

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Re: Aimpoint recommendation?

Post by TacMac » Tue Jan 03, 2017 2:36 pm

My more in-depth review on the H1

Recently, I had the need for a flawless red-dot pistol. Everything about me caved for a red-dot sight that I could mount on a weaver/Picatinny rail. I bought two red-dots, and they were far from what I wanted; then boom, I got this one. When I got it, immediately, I knew my heart had found what it had been seeking.

Let me take you through some background before I proceed. Just as it sounds, a red-dot sight has just one red dot- of different intensity- That helps you focus on your target which you expect the bullet to hit. This obviously has the same function as the laser, except that it is basically passive. In the case of a laser, when mounted on a firearm, it places a dot on your target. On the other hand, the red-dot sight does this to the aimer through optics. Hence, the upside of the red-dot sight is that the dot is not visible to the target. Besides, the red-dot sight's dot is easier seen in daylight and more efficient for distant range targets in daylight than does a laser. Lasers also have their upsides. Although each has their unique advantages, red-dot sights perfectly meet my standard.

I discovered in my little experience with red-dot sights that the old saying "you get what you pay for" greatly applies. I initially tried two cheaper sight options, and I had issues with both that made me strike them out of my preference list. Although the Aimpoint H-1 ... ro-h1.htmlis a bit expensive, for some reasons, it is a worthy investment. Here are some reasons:
1. It has a near perfect optics. The red-dot is flawless; without flare.
2. It has a uniquely stylish zeroing system. The regulation screws (elevation and windage) are shielded with plastic caps. The individual caps are made to act as adjustments for the sight. Again, Aimpoint comes with a useful multipurpose tool which is used to mount the sight on the Picatinny/Weaver rail. You can use this tool to make adjustments rather than using the cap. Although this may sound irrelevant, I have previously used two different red-dot sights with adjustment hardware and it was a flop. With the Aimpoint H-1, it is easy to Zero in at range. The first time I took it out to range, I discovered it had already been set very close to zero; I only did about an inch adjustment. It is very easy to use the cap to adjust elevation and windage, of which it was initially designed for. The system is a lot better than Allen screws, and it likes.

3. Nice finish, perfect fit, and an awesome design. You get the bang for the buck

4. The Aimpoint H-1 sight is compact and lightweight. Its compact size and lightweight make it a perfect fit, especially for small pistols. Even with this system mounted, the small gun maintains its lightweight. Most times, we see pistols with sights of almost same size as the gun; this is not the case here. And even with its compact size, its performance is outstanding.

5. Easily comes off and on. You can easily shoot during an outing without stress. You can reattach and shoot without re-zeroing.

Right from purchase, the system is already set to Zero. Although I have been shooting for over 40 years, I just discovered the potentials of a red-dot sight. It is noteworthy that this tool is highly addictive. Without a broad scope, red dot sight aids accuracy far beyond what is obtainable for a lot of us who uses quality fiber-optic and iron sights. I had near similar groups with this red-dot sight at 50 and with an iron sight at 25 feet. Take note; I am no pro shooter. The small size and light weight makes it easily mount on a pistol. It fits naturally with a rifle, and my plan is to equip my Ruger 10/22 rifle with either of these.

Everything about this sight seems awesome to me. It’s difficult to get a better design and make. This piece is highly recommended

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