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    I was wondering if any thought has been given to giving supporting members a special decal or something designating us as such on the forums . I see many forum due this in the signature line and such. I think it could potentially generate more donations. I am not sure how hard it would or how much time would be required to. keep it updated.

    Keep up the good work!

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    I think this is a cool idea. I like having a membership status. However, I do not like automatic drafts from my checking accounts. If I recall, the minimum for Buckeye Firearms Defender status was $5.00/month ($60/year) automatically drafted from your account. In recent years, I have given at least $60/year, just in the form of one annual check. I would like a way for annual memberships (not auto-drafted) to be given BFA Defender status.

    And while the brass is working on this, I have another gripe. In the BFA online store a really cool looking baseball cap is offered for sale. I have purchased this cap and it fits well and I dig it....except that it is made in communist China!!!! I will pay more for a BFA cap that is made in USA....and even more if it is made in Ohio.
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      crb We're working on something for a status indicator.

      cityboy There is a donate by mail option. You can also donate in person at the various events. How we keep track of defenders and such is unknown to me. We'll figure something out. We'll have to in order to fulfill crb's request. As for the hats and shirts...I am pretty sure we will need to exhaust existing inventory before we change origin of manufacture. I'll make it a point to bring up the USA topic at the next appropriate meeting.
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        I'd like to have the t-shirt that says, "NOTICE CCW HOLDERS, YOU AND YOUR MONEY ARE NOT WELCOME AT THIS ESTABLISHMENT. PLEASE TAKE YOUR BUSINESS TO SOMEONE WHO IS NOT AFRAID OF LEGAL GUN OWNERSHIP". I got this from the topic...How the CCW Notice Sign really should read? on this forum. I'd wear that t-shirt like that sign says everyday!
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