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Question about HB 614

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  • Question about HB 614

    I'm glad about the extension to get our renewals, but I have seen nothing about reciprocal states. Are we likely to have problems carrying with expired licenses out of state? I travel a lot.

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    I doubt any reciprocating state will honor them past the date printed on the license. Personally, I wouldn't carry out of state under those circumstances.
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      I agree with Justashooter, I would not carry out of state with your expired Ohio license. This is a good reason to have multiple licenses from different states. You never know when some Gov. SNAFU is going to impact your license. I am personally down to two license from my previous 3. PA has made it more difficult to get the non-resident license. VA is still simple, tho more costly. Currently keep my Ohio and my Virginia non-resident. My VA non-resident has an expiration that is two and a half yrs after my Ohio.
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