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  • License application question ?

    I was looking at the license application today and I see it asks for all of your former addresses from the age of 18 to present. I moved around quite a bit in my 20's and 30's and have no clue what dates I was at each residence. Is there some way of being positive about this?

    If I guess it and get it wrong won't that make a bunch of trouble for me? And to be honest I can't remember all the addresses either. Streets yes. House numbers and zip codes not so much.
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    I had the same problem. I just put down what I could remember, Street name, City, State, and approx dates I lived there and had no problem at all. If you know the exact address great, but if not just put down what you can remember. I even just listed the Army Posts and dates for my time in the there even though I had several off post addresses in several surrounding communities.
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      Buckeye Dan,

      You need not have a perfect memory nor does the application hold you responsible for one. If the application hasn't changed since it was first designed, Sect. VI states "THE UNDERSIGNED MUST ATTEST TO THE FOLLOWING: . . . (4) The information contained in this application and all attached documents are true and correct TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE (writer's emphasis).

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        Yes, fill it out to the best of your knowledge.
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          Thats what I did as well. I had 11 different addresses since I was 18.
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            I just filled out my application yesterday and had the same problem. I went to : and got my old addresses (also a good website if youre a stalker :shock: ) and just guessed approximately when I lived there. I am positive my dates were not accurate, but they were close. I received my CCW card the next day (today) without any trouble.

            Good luck.


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              My wife had the same situation and was approved with no problems. She just put the dates and street/city names to the best of her knowlege. We got our CCL's in 15 days.
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                Get your Experian Credit report. If its as good as mine was last year it'll have most of your previous addresses (no dates though)
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                  Hi everyone,
                  I think am too late for posting on this thread but I wanted to share my experience. I am addicted to reading blogs and articles related to spying and tracking. As I was going through such stuff, I came across these amazing websites if you need to look for someone's address by their names

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                    Hello Julia, welcome to the forum. If those sites you linked to are legit, (I will check), thanks for sharing. Hope you realize that this thread was dormant for ten years until you posted on it. The thing is, we get lots of spammers signing up here and they become quite the nuisance. Hoping that is not the case with you.


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                      These requirements have been removed from the Ohio CHL application... it is no longer an issue!
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                        Originally posted by Aaron View Post
                        These requirements have been removed from the Ohio CHL application... it is no longer an issue!
                        Considering the OP would now 2 renewals beyond the one in question, I hope they figured it out... LOL
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