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Any hope for reciprocity with Tx and Ga with HB234

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  • Any hope for reciprocity with Tx and Ga with HB234

    Hello All,
    Does anyone know if the recently passed and sent to the Governor SB HB 234 will help in getting reciprocity with Texas and Georgia? I think there's a section in the bill that sets up so that Ohio will recognize any other state's license to carry, But will any of the training and background check changes in the bill help in getting those two states to recognize our OH CHL??? It sure would be nice to save me the trouble of traveling all the way over to PA, from here in SW Ohio (Lebanon area) to get their Non-Resident license to pick up those two states...

    Any thoughts???

    Later and thanks in advance,


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    It looks to me like GA will be able to recognize an OH license as soon as 234 becomes law and their AG makes the determination that OH recognizes GA licenses. Not sure how long that might take after 234 takes effect.

    TX looks a bit more complicated. It looks to me like they can recognize an OH license once 234 is in effect since we will then have a NICS check as a part of the CHL background check. However, existing licenses won't have that NICS check until renewed, so I wonder if they will either wait until all licenses are renewed (5 years) or whether they will only recognize licenses issued or renewed after 234 takes effect. Even if they do that, it will probably be another year before that happens since they only check state CHL laws once a year, and the report has to be submitted by Jan. 1st - and 234 won't have taken effect by this coming Jan. 1st.
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      Arizona is easy to get and will get you those states and more. FL is fairly easy to get.

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        I understand it like JustaShooter has it.

        GA laws basically says 'if you accept ours, we will accept yours' Ohio previously did not accept GA because they have little/no training requirement.

        TX would not accept ours because basically we only used state databases for the background check. HB234 now checks the same DBs as NICS so this should meet TX's requirement.