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SBR style "pistols" in CHL classes??

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  • SBR style "pistols" in CHL classes??

    I've had some short class discussions about these firearms, their use and practicality but I'm curious as to how other instructors feel about allowing these style "pistols" to be used for a CHL class....
    They are considered "handguns" by the federal government.
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    As an instructor you run the class. I would simply tell someone they are not a practical firearm from a carry standpoint and your class is about carrying on a regular basis therefore you do not wish to have those firearms in your class. What they do once they pass the class is up to them.

    When I was teaching regularly I didn't allow HiPoints among a long list of handguns that I had no problem telling a student was junk and that they could use one of mine for the class (paying extra for the ammo used.)


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      Back in 2004, when I did my CHL training, we had an older lady who's boyfriend had given her one of those "starter pistol" type .22's. It spit lead more or less everywhere but out the barrel.

      After some complaints from others, our instructor gave her a .22 with a real barrel, and good timing, etc. She shot OK, and didn't hurt anybody beside her. HiPoint might have been better ....

      There's a sort of "cool factor" in the SBR's, but it's not really a carry gun.... Newbies are better off with a 1911. Or a 9mm like the M&P9C or 9mm Shield. (Or a mini 1911 in 9mm.)

      A .22 will kill an attacker, too, but maybe not fast enough unless you're a very good (and cool) shot. .380 and up, though, will be a lot more effective. The .40S&W is a little snappy for newbies, but they're the same size (and about the same degree of concealability) as a 9mm. I don't care for the .380, but some of the newer SD loads are amazing.


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        I have to agree with Jediskipdogg... I've not had anyone attempt to use one for a ccw class yet, but I would likely refuse to allow it. It's kinda like the petite lady who shows up with the Taurus circuit judge her boyfriend bought her. Sounds good in theory, but not practical for the application. Here is something you'll actually be able to shoot and learn with (handing over one of my "class" guns...
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