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Cleveland deli owner opens fire at two men who tried to rob*him

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  • Cleveland deli owner opens fire at two men who tried to rob*him

    CLEVELAND, Ohio - Cleveland police are searching for two men who attempted to rob Clark Deli on W. 73rd Street Sunday morning.

    Mike Makkal, the owner of Clark Deli, told FOX 8 two men concealing their faces wearing hooded sweatshirts entered his deli around 10 a.m.

    "When he tried to force his way behind the counter to the cash register I saw a gun in his hand," he said.

    Makkal said one of the would-be robbers tried to get him to open the cash register. That’s when the owner said he pulled out his gun and shot at the men. The suspects ran from the store.

    "I shot one shot then he got down and ran," Makkal said, "Then the other robber went to the end of the store and asked me not to shoot him, but I put my gun in his face."

    The bullets from the owner's gun shattered the glass coolers. The owner was not hurt.

    He told FOX 8 he was shaking and scared for his life when the two men tried to rob him, but even at 80-years-old he refused to back down.

    Makkal also said that just two weeks ago he was the victim of another attempted robbery at gunpoint in his deli, however it involved a different suspect.

    Makkal described what happened during the last harrowing armed robbery attempt.

    "I found a stainless steel gun to my head," he said.

    Then, the gunman chased him around the store.

    "Until he found my gun in his face," Makkal said.

    That gunman also ran from his store.

    "I hope they catch them," Makkal said.

    Despite the attempted armed robbery Sunday, Makkal kept the deli open for his loyal neighbors.

    He said he's owned the Clark Deli for 40 years and is not going anywhere.

    Cleveland police are still looking for the suspects.

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