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Teachable moment: 3 dead over snow shoveling in PA.

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  • Teachable moment: 3 dead over snow shoveling in PA.

    Teachable moment:

    Here's a brief copy/paste:

    "LUZERNE COUNTY, PA – 02/02/2021. According to reports, a Plains Township, Pennsylvania man shot and killed two of his neighbors – and then turned his gun on himself – in a bizarre murder-suicide that erupted out of an argument over snow shoveling after a winter storm, authorities say.

    In a brutal killing on Monday that was caught on surveillance video, the alleged shooter, James Spaide, 47, shot and killed his neighbor James Goy, 50, and his wife Lisa, 48, after they had been reportedly shoveling snow and dumping it on Spaide’s property... Mr. Goy appears to be the instigator continually name-calling and verbally threatening Spaide in what then escalated into the fatal altercation...It was then that Spaide retreated into his home and returned with a handgun, officials say, but the video shows that the Goys did not appear threatened and remained standing in the middle of the street, with James calling Spaide a “pussy” and Lisa yelling “Go ahead! Go ahead!”"

    (You can find the video on your own.)

    That ended poorly for all involved.

    What we can learn:

    I think this was a LONG feud, it didn't start that day.
    1) Talking about, and trying to settle a disagreement can be positive/productive. Arguing, cursing, and threatening violence is DEFINATLY negative/ counter-productive.

    2)I saw NO attempt of de-escalation by either side. None. When murderer Spaide walked back into his garage(for a gun)-that just was'nt enough for the Goy's. They stood in the street, continuing to yell insults and threats.

    In hindsight, that would have been a GREAT time to go back across the street and into their house. (eyeroll).

    3) The Goy's were unarmed. I'm no expert, but conflicts seem to me as "come as you are" events.

    4) When murderer Spaide aims a handgun at them, they don't think it's serious!!!!!!!!!! They simply STAND there, provoking him. The late Lisa Goy gets out her phone to video this, and
    yells "Go ahead! Go ahead! " Sooooooo Spaide did. He shot (about) 4 shots at the late James Goy and missed! The goys JUST STOOD THERE, untill Spaide started getting hits.

    5) I guess the Goys never read about "getting off the X".

    Then the Goys just die.

    How about those two joggers? Running away when Spaide comes out a second time, (with a rifle to finish off the Goy's) was the BEST decision they ever made in there life, up to that point.

    What other lessons do you see?

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    I am definitely not saying he was ok or remotely legal in shooting them. He crossed the line for sure.. With that said this high school drama of picking a fight with people and continue to degrade others is down right stupid. Eventually someone is going to get fed up with that and act, legal or not.

    If these so called adults would have grown the hell up and stopped looking for the smallest reasons to fight with someone they would be alive today. They brought those actions on themselves. Don't go picking for a fight, you just may end up getting it.Call me cold, but these two have been clearly fighting for a long time and it all just came to a head. I honestly don't feel sorry for them.


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      The Goy's definitely provoked the incident.
      They "showed him". NOT.


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        Absurd behavior by a couple of immature adults who obviously never grew up mentally or emotionally... which resulted in a mentally unstable individual being pushed to the snapping point, over snow. Utterly pathetic all the way around if you ask me, and I LOVE number 3
        Hence it is, that democracies have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have, in general, been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths. James Madison, Federalist Paper No 10