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ALERT: Ohio Senate Passes HB 86 Shockwave Error Fix; Bill headed to Governor's Desk

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  • ALERT: Ohio Senate Passes HB 86 Shockwave Error Fix; Bill headed to Governor's Desk

    2:35PM WEDNESDAY, MARCH 06, 2019

    The Ohio Senate today voted to pass HB 86 with a 23 to 9 vote. Last week, the House passed the bill by 76 to 20 vote. The legislation will now be sent to Governor DeWine's desk for his signature.

    This bill is a bipartisan effort to fix a drafting error in HB 228 which passed in late December in the previous legislative session. This bill clarifies the original intent of HB 228, and makes clear that there is no intent to ban any rifle or shotgun that has been legal to possess in Ohio.

    Thanks to an emergency clause included in the bill, the Act will take effect immediately upon the governor's signature, which is fully expected.

    Buckeye Firearms Association representatives began working with legislators immediately upon discovery of the Legislative Services Commission's drafting error last December - an error which went undetected by anyone in the flurry of legislative activity during the lame duck session.

    Buckeye Firearms Association would like to thank Senate President Obhof, Speaker Householder, Representative Plummer, and Senators Roegner and Coley for their leadership. We're also thankful to all the Senators who voted for this important legislation.

    Download the House bill here.
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    Signed into law today. First bill signed by Governor DeWine.

    Another great team effort paying dividends and making Ohio a better place for gun owners. Thanks to all who support BFA and our mission. Could not do it without you.