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Should educators carry guns to protect students?

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  • Should educators carry guns to protect students?

    Absolutely. Gun Free Zones do not work and the evidence has been going on for decades (ever Since the NRA UNBELIEVABLY SUPPORTED IT in the 90's) not just in the last few years.

    (FOX 2) - After the 2018 school shooting in Parkland, Fla. that killed 17 people, President Donald Trump called for teachers to be armed. A little more than a year later, lawmakers in Florida approve a bill allowing educators to carry guns in classrooms after undergoing police-style training and a psychiatric evaluation.

    But would that really protect students and make them feel safer? Should Michigan pass similar legislation? Our Let it Rip guests gave their opinions on this controversy topic.

    Watch video above to see this debate.

    I carry a firearm because a cop is too heavy and takes too many breaks.

    Montani Semper Liberi - (Mountaineers Are Always Free)

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    Absolutely everyone who wishes to carry, and will come into contact with students from time to time during the school day, should be able to do so without interference by some well meaning busybody.


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      “But would that really protect students and make them feel safer?”

      Let’s break the answer into two parts.

      Given that approximately four students are shot for each minute that passes before the cowardly killer encounters armed resistance, having armed teachers and others on site when an attack occurs must be better than waiting for police to respond.

      This is about life saving, not feelings!


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        The complaint I see the most often from anti-gunners and snowflakes is that a student may be intimidated by seeing a gun or a student might grab the gun and use it.

        About a decade ago 5.11 came out with a "Holster shirt". Basically a very tight fitting undershirt with underarm pockets for a full sized pistol on each side.

        I own one and find it to be quite comfortable, easy to use, and, with a loose fitting over shirt, concealment is top notch.

        Now, the first thing that comes to mind is "How the heck do you get to the gun in a hurry.?"

        Think about this: If you are a teacher or school staff member and there is an active shooter in your school or any other school function are you REALLY worried about losing some buttons or ripping an over shirt?


        There are now several companies selling undershirts like the 5.11 shirt.
        Just Google "holster shirt"

        In fact, I can see wearing a shoulder holster between a regular undershirt and my over garments.
        In a classroom situation even that could be unnoticeable.

        There are no dangerous weapons; there are only dangerous men. - RAH
        Four boxes to be used in defense of liberty: soap, ballot, jury, ammo - use in that order.
        If you aren't part of the solution, then you obviously weren't properly dissolved.


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          It seems "feelings" are winning out in many areas. I love the question I hear a lot, "Don't people have a right to FEEL safe by not having firearms near them?"

          My answer is, No, First, They're ambition to "feel" safe don't trump my RIGHT to self defense / BEAR ARMS. Which, I don't hear anyone say.

          2nd, they will get over that "feeling" when they are aware there are more firearms around them and learn they will create no harm to them. There
          Hoplophobia will go way when they learn the FALSE sense of security not having arms around them is a lie. This is why the Police State Fascist Democrats and Some Republicans hate the idea of more guns being carried in our society. When folks get use to arms everywhere at anytime, people will realize the leftists have been lying and more lives will be saved and they can't have that.

          "The Constitution of most of our states (and of the United States) assert that all power is inherent in the people; that they may exercise it by themselves; that it is their right and duty to be at all times armed." - Thomas Jefferson
          I carry a firearm because a cop is too heavy and takes too many breaks.

          Montani Semper Liberi - (Mountaineers Are Always Free)