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This is a MASS STABBING, Right?

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  • This is a MASS STABBING, Right?

    This is a MASS STABBING, Right?

    Will the RED FLAG Laws now include going through your home and removing steak knives?

    If the Government is so concerned about the person being so dangerous, why not confiscate the person and not the guns to leave that person to use other weapons to commit a harmful act? This about a major power grab by both parties.

    Again, The Gun Control Act of 1968 prohibits the purchase or possession of firearms by people who have been formally & involuntarily committed to mental health or drug treatment by a court, mental health board, or other legal commission. We already have a 72 hour mental evaluation hold. Why isn't that enforced?

    Red Flag laws will open the door to more executive actions to widen the scope of gun confiscation one home at a time and this will be in the mix.

    CA, MD, IL and 14 other states have these laws that still have mass shootings.

    All this gun control is about ‘hate speech’ more than just the guns themselves IMHO. If you are fearful of being accused of being unreasonable, angry and say something someone deem as hateful, and unsafe with firearms, you could have your guns taken away. So, people will not speak out about anything.

    For those who are old enough, I remember growing up during the Cold War and hearing the stories of the oppression in the Soviet Union. I never thought I’d hear, let alone see stories like that here in the US. And half of the country is cheering it on.

    4 dead, 2 wounded in Southern California stabbings via @Yahoo
    I carry a firearm because a cop is too heavy and takes too many breaks.

    Montani Semper Liberi - (Mountaineers Are Always Free)

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    Get those butter knives!!!


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      Many of us are "active shooters." We are not killers. If society wants to solve a problem, start by properly identifying it.

      "Active killer" is a better term. Again, tool does not matter. The crime does.


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        And don't talk about butter knives. You give the Brits ideas on what to ban next.