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Objective Opinions on Gun Owner Insurance

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  • Objective Opinions on Gun Owner Insurance

    This past Easter Sunday my wife and I finally pulled the trigger (pun DEFINITELY intended) on taking our CCW class. It was great and there were a couple drills we did toward the end that I really enjoyed.

    During part of the classroom portion the instructor mentioned gun owner's insurance which I've been considering for a while. Of course, you see the USCCA advertisements all over and they seem to have a good reputation. On the home page of the BFA site there's a link for 2nd Call Defense. I had heard of them before from another class I took last year.

    What I'm looking for are other people's thoughts on the various companies and if you've had personal experience with any of them you are comfortable with sharing.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Second Call is the best product on the market. There are a few key differences between SCD and the other available programs out there. Not the least of which, your criminal defense is all paid for through the 2nd Amendment Support Foundation by grants... which allows them to pay for your defense IN FULL while you are "under criminal investigation" unlike insurance products, which are prohibited by federal law to do so.
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