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Gun cabinet or safe?

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    Thanks, WileyCoyote

    I think I do fit into that niche. I mainly want a more secure way of securing my firearms against access by children and other individuals visiting my home, and this looks like a good way for me to do it - including the space issue.

    I've got no heirlooms or collectables, so fire/theft is not as high of a concern.

    Given that, you may also consider the Stack-On Tactical Security Cabinet. Similar dimensions to the Snapsafe Titan, not as heavy and a lot less expensive. It's also probably not as secure against theft.

    I remember seeing it on The Truth About Guns and a couple commenters said they had it and liked it.


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      Your purchase will come down to your needs in a few areas.
      1.) Your budget
      2.) Amount of security from theft you want
      3.) Amount of fire protection you want

      I am not sure what you are meaning by gun cabinet but I'm thinking either one of the wooden and glass furniture type pieces or the cheapest of the Stack-on brand items. The furniture type ones offer none of the above needs other than putting everything in one place for the thief. The stock on ones at the low end are generally made of a metal that a sawzall will cut through like butter or have locks that are easily picked which will only stop the laziest of the smash and grab thiefs.

      Then you get into actual gun safes. I have recently done quite a bit of research about them. Most of the brands of gun safes are really not much more than how I described the stack-on gun boxes above. Easily to defeat metal cabinets with or without some type of potential fire proofing.

      Most of what you see sold as gun safes don't even make the UL test for RSC or residential security container. To make this rating it only requires 5 minutes without a thief breaking in without the use of power tools. To truly have security it gets expensive and heavy quickly.

      As to fire proofing most of the manufacturers don't use a standard testing facility once again. Most use a variation of a drywall type of material which relies on the vaporization of water for the barrier to heat transfer.

      Regardless of what you end up with, bolt it to the floor to help make sure someone doesn't just pick it up and carry it out.
      "All the public shootings in the United States in which more than three people have been killed have occurred in places where concealed handguns have been banned. "Washington Times article


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        ^ Again, thanks!


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          There is a thread on that I found useful. You can find it here. It is a series of questions and answers by someone who works in the American Security Safe company building and designing their safes. It is obviously biased towards their safes but there is a TON of good information in the 30+ pages there.

          Another page I found useful was The gunsafe buyer's guide on 6mmb

          I also did a lot of google searching on various firearms forums reading thread after thread on gun safes, reviews, etc.

          One poster on various forums who evidently owns a safe business (selling and maintenance on safes, primarily not gunsafes) is A1abdj, his answers are often very good.
          "All the public shootings in the United States in which more than three people have been killed have occurred in places where concealed handguns have been banned. "Washington Times article


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            For CW78 -


            Learn something new every day! Thanks!


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              ^ No problem. Glad to help.

              That video was also very educational for me.


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                If you cant decide I would say get one of each.
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                  I'm no fan of Dunham's,but they had Stack-Ons advertised at 139.00. Might be feasible till ya run across something better.


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                    Choosing between a gun cabinet and gun safe depends on many things. First, you need to look at your budget, your gun collection, and security. Depending on your needs, there are many things to take into consideration, and we are here to help. Here you can find helpful information about each, as they are different in many ways when it comes to features and functionality. For more read this article.
                    Gun Cabinet vs Safe and these are the two favorite places to store guns. In this case, you will find that a gun safe is famous for safety while a gun cabinet is famous for display.