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I may want Ohio CCW instructor cert, but

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  • I may want Ohio CCW instructor cert, but

    Hello all. I'm new to BFA, so far love all the available info.

    I've had my own CHL for I reckon 6 or 7 years. Been shooting since my dad starting teaching me with .22 revolvers around age 7-8, started long guns at age 12, security forces augmentee in AF....I'm quite competent with firearms usage, and responsibly carrying per Ohio law.

    I've found that I'll get a friend to the range, take them from total novice to ready for their Ohio license, then they have to pay for a class by a certified instructor whom inevitably teaches them nothing new......

    To make it more convenient for getting people I train licensed, I am considering instructor certification. THAT is where I get stuck though. I either cant locate an NRA class to certify me else when the USCCA instructor class I'd prefer is remotely close, I'm unavailable, plus they seem rather expensive.

    I'd like instructors' opinions on whether I should get the cert, from whom, and how much i should expect it to cost.

    The guys I've trained thus far over the past 3 years are still carrying responsibly, but they had to pay someone else to sign off for them. I got 3 ppl now I know want their CHL and want me to train them, but since I'm not stops at the form signature.

    Also, I've zero desire to do the training for income. Individual, personal training for friends and family only. If I could locate a proper class at a rate I felt reasonable to do as I've stated, I may consider taking that step just because I train everyone who comes around me anyway.

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    I am a training counselor, and can certify you as an NRA pistol instructor. Where are you located?
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