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Training Certificate statement & Montgomery County

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  • Training Certificate statement & Montgomery County

    Hello there...I am preparing to teach my first NRA course and I know that some of my students are interested in using it as a means for their CHL. One of the them lives in Montgomery County and I found the following information on the Sheriff's website:
    Attention C.C.W. Instructors and Applicants!! Check your certificates! In order for your C.C.W. training certificate to meet the requirements of the Ohio Revised Code, there is certain wording that needs to be either on the certificate somewhere or on a separate affidavit provided by the instructor. The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office WILL NOT accept your certificate if it does not have the following wording on it because the certificate DOES NOT meet the C.C.W. requirements:

    "The instructor of this course attests that the course met the requirements described in Section 2923.125(G)(1) of the Ohio Revised Code and that the applicant passed the competency examination described in Section 2923.125(G)(2) of the Ohio Revised Code."

    The issue/question I have is regarding the accuracy of their statement. Nothing I can find in the law requires this statement on the certificate itself. Rather, it seems that the Montgomery Co Sheriff is combining the requirement of Section 2923.125(B)(3)(f) with the other requirements of (a), (b), (c), and (e).

    I guess my question for the instructors here is this; Do you include the above statement on your certificates that you provide students?

    Thanks in advance.


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    There are several counties that require something like this. I provide a separate affidavit attesting that the class met the requirements.
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      I put it right on my certificates...
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        Thank you both for the info. It seems unnecessary according to the ORC, but I also don't want my students turned away.
        Kind of a shame, adding local requirements was something they did back in Jersey...not what I expected here in Ohio


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          I think a lot of that started back when Ohio required like 12 hours of training and only NRA trainers were accepted. The 'standard' NRA basic pistol course which many people used did not meet the requirements by itself so a simple NRA Basic pistol cert was not enough. Over time it many trainers just started including the attestment to save delays and calls to/from the sheriffs.