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    ...especially for off-side carry where you may not have as developed of motor skills to open a folder.

    This is a biggie.

    Even on the strong side, even a fixed-blade :surp: is hard to deploy when things really start moving fast. It only took me a few times of my head hitting the mats before I figured out that it's not the tool that drives the situation, but the situation that dictates the tools. Carry a hammer, the world seems like a nail: a knife is no different from a gun, in that way. The important thing to do is to solve the problem, and not focus on the tool(s) at-hand instead.

    I really love the certainty of grip and easy deployment of the Waved Emerson Combat Karambit, but I do not have the necessary skill-set to really be able to use that very specialized blade. I've also looked at the Spyderco P'Kal, but feared the same.

    Instead, what's there is either a Boker Plus Subcom F ("municipal friendly") or a Benchmade 915 Triage. Both are "ghetto-Waved," with the former using zip-ties and the latter an ring terminal electrical connector (16-14 AWG). Prior to that, I used to carry either a Spyderco Lum (C46GGY - now retired, lost positive blade lock-up) or a AFCK (806D2) - both also ghetto-Waved.