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    Friends don't let freinds carry KEL-TECHS......... or own them as well :lol:


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      Rich DiPasquale

      I live in Columbus

      Have had my CHL for about 2 years.

      I work for the Columbus Fire Department.

      Always loved shooting and hate the thought of criminals, derelicts, and people who have no regard for the lives they ruin with violence walking the streets feeling invincible.
      Rich DiPasquale


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        Sara Camacho

        Columbus, OH

        I just got my CHL today!
        I applied for it yesterday and they called me this morning and I am officially no longer a sheeple, even though I don't think I ever was.

        The three places I would need it most though, I can't even take it:
        work (government bulding)
        class (OSU)
        transportation (COTA).

        I love shooting , especially at Blackwing.


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          Stephen Feltoon

          Students for Concealed Carry on Campus (Midwest Regional Director & State Leader - Ohio)

          Proud Miami U. proud I graduated in 2007 and I'm still here!

          Holder of an Ohio CHL and PA non-res license

          Wannabe hunter (too poor for the proper equipment and no previous experience), Whippet owner, milsurp collector

          Abuser of the AIM Surplus employee discount
          Students and professors deserve a fighting chance too. Talk to your state reps about CCW on college campuses.

          Midwest Regional Director
          Students for Concealed Carry on Campus

          Ruger P95, New Vaquero, Swiss K31, Sig P6


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            John Williamson

            Xenia Ohio

            C&R lover and beginner hunter.


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              michael Schmidlin

              From northwest ohio. Just bought my first handgun and will be taking the CHL class in November. Been a shooter all my life.


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                Welcome Sara, Mr. Feltoon, Mr. Williamson, Mr. Schmidlin, thanks for being among the first new users since our forum has become public, make yourselves at gome and please feel free to start posting!


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                  Hi: I just found this forum and finally got myself set up for it.
                  NRA: Member
                  CEC/Seabee Historical Foundation: Life Member
                  DAV: Life Member
                  VVNW: Life Member
                  Cap/Marine Veterans Association: Member
                  Plank Owner: CBU 402
                  Ruger P94
                  Bersa Thunder 380
                  Colt 1901 Army 38 L.C.
                  Colt Frontier Scout 22L.R. 22Mag


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                    Jeff Riley

                    I live in Southwest Ohio (Cincinnati metro). Although I have been hunting and shooting for most of my life, I haven't been active in the RKBA efforts until about 5 years ago. Libertarian by philosophy, but a hard nose realist when it comes to politics. I am a volunteer for Buckeye Firearms and write the occasional article for the website.

                    Member NRA
                    Member Miami Rifle and Pistol Club
                    Buckeye Firearms Volunteer

                    "How can you argue with people who are convinced we are on a glide path to a police state, yet want to give the State a monopoly on the use of force. Insanity."
                    "How can you argue with people who are convinced we are on a glide path to a police state, yet want to grant the State a monopoly on the use of force. Insanity."


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                      I live in southern Ohio.

                      I volunteered to be a BFA volunteer (although I haven't actually done anything yet so I guess I’m just a want to be volunteer at this point). Between work, OSU football games and gun classes I haven't had much free time lately.


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                        First I'd like to say WELCOME TO THE NEW BFA FORUM!
                        Guess it's about time other leaders started kicking in. :-)
                        Rick Jones, in south central Ohio, and I've been involved with the 2A for...well just about as long as I can remember...guess you could call it "since the beginning".
                        I'm almost 55 years old, father, grandfather, husband, shooter, reloader, BFA activist, NRA activist, and try to work when I have the extra time.

                        As with all volunteer organizations...WE need extra help with many ongoing projects so please don't be bashful about stepping forward and helping out. There is always something that needs done and YOU may have the expertise that we might need to help make our projects complete.

                        If you have questions about BFA or what is going on feel free to ask. Either John, Steve, or myself should be able to help you out.

                        Rick Jones

                        Buckeye Firearms Association
                        Region Leader
                        NRA-EVC Ohio 6th congressional district
                        NRA-life/endowment member
                        BFA Leader
                        NRA-EVC Ohio 6th
                        NRA Benefactor member
                        Southern Ohio
                        NRA Basic Pistol Instructor


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                          dan headland

                          salem , ohio

                          average ccw (ohio and pa) guy with a few guns.
                          nra member
                          kahr cw9
                          ruger blackhawk .357
                          cx4 storm
                          glock 19


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                            JR in Akron, Retired (best job I ever had)
                            Got my CHL because
                            I got to old to fight and to fat to run.


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                              Fairfield County, Ohio

                              Lifelong student, incurably independent


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                                Chad Baus - Fulton Co., NW OH.

                                Between writing for the website and coordinating with our other great writers, I'm tend not to have much time for Forums, but I am real glad to see everyone here.

                                As Rick Jones said, we are looking forward to getting to know new volunteers. If anyone reading this fancies themselves a writer, please feel free to submit your articles to me for consideration for our website.

                                Thanks again!