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    Mitch Houser

    Northeast Ohio

    Municipal Police Officer
    OPOTA Firearms Instructor
    NRA Member & Certified Instructor
    Founder of Right To Carry, LLC

    Hello everyone. BFA has done a great service creating this forum. I look forward to exchanging information and ideas with members.
    Mitch Houser
    Right To Carry, LLC
    (216) 469-0866
    Firearms & CCW Instruction
    Municipal Police Officer
    NRA Life Member


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      Muskingum County

      I refer to my home location as the Northwest corner of Southeast Ohio.

      My wife and I completed 12 hours of CCW Training a few weeks ago and we have been shooting pistols for about that same period of time. I'm not new to guns but I am new to pistols (.22 and larger).

      I'm probably hooked in at this point since my wife took the training with me and she has already bought a couple of pistols for herself. I have some catching up to do.

      I'm a former scout leader, proud father of an Eagle Scout, and currently active in Amateur (Ham) Radio and Lions Club activities. I also do some web site development & management on an amateur basis.

      I'm just trying to continue to live the American Dream and enjoy/preserve my rights i.e., 2nd Amendment. USAF-Civilian
      NRA Life Member / BFA/BFF Supporter / OFCC Member
      Inspire some and you'll annoy others. I strive to do both.


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        Name is Christopher. I live in Geauga County with my wife and kids. Nice to meet you all.


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          twinsburg, ohio. near clevelad


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            Jason in Fremont,Oh


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              Hi, I'm Michael Adams from Loveland, Ohio (Clermont County). My handle is Dirtdawg. I'm a restoration ecologist, a father of two awesome boys, a husband to a fine woman, and a Christian.

              I believe we live in the greatest nation on Earth, but we must fight to keep it that way.

              I come from hillbilly stock, but I have a college degree from the University of Idaho. I have earned everything I have. I like to hunt and enjoy the outdoors. I like shooting guns. I have an Ohio License to Carry a Concealed Handgun and I carry every day because I have the right to do so and further, I have the responsibility to come home to my family.

              I hope this is a place where I can engage in civil discourse and possibly meet some folks who have similar interests and attitudes.

              NRA Certified Range Safety Officer and Instructor; Basic Pistol, Home Firearm Safety, Personal Protection in the Home
              Clinton County Farmers and Sportsmen's Association President


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                My name is Gerard Valentino and I'm the Buckeye Firearms Central Ohio Chair. Thank you to everyone for joining. Feel free to contact me about anything.

                Buckeye Firearms Foundation Treasurer
                For thoughts from a middle-class conservative check out, Graduate Defense Language Institute 1998 – Korean Basic Course


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                  John McCreery
                  Northeast Ohio

                  Thanks to all of you who participate here!
                  CCW Classes
                  Suarez International Instructor


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                    Jack Stinson
                    No, I'm not paranoid about telling you my name...googling "weirdjack" would get that for you anyway.
                    I live in Worthington and currently work in Delaware as an engineer.
                    Married for 27 years, with 2 grown sons.
                    I've been shooting firearms for 44 years now.
                    Ohio CHL holder.
                    I love pocket pistols of all sorts...yep, even Jennings!
                    I usually shoot at the Delaware State Park public range.
                    Interests are shooting, hunting, playing music, guitars, slot cars, cardstock modeling, Jeeps, and lots of other stuff.
                    I'm a nobody, no medals, no awards, no titles, no nothin'.


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                      I'm glad to see buckeye firearms has a new forum. I've had my CHL for a couple years and I like to stay current on the confusion we call firearms laws. I live in Dover which is 25 minutes south of canton. If there is anything I can help with in my neck of the woods...please let me know.
                      Other than that I have a wonderful family! Wife, 4 y/o, and 1 y/o ! They are the reason that I carry as well.

                      Look forward to reading everone's posts.


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                        Posted: Thu Oct 16, 2008 1:23 pm Post subject: Hello from Bear On A Rock


                        My name is Jim Venters and I just joined the site. I, as it seems many others feel, think this forum is a great addition to BFA's web site.

                        It gives us all a chance to exchange ideas and experiences and hopefully will unite us all and bring us together as a more focused group.

                        I am a Life Time Member of the NRA and an O.G.C.A. member since 1984.
                        I have been actively involved in the firearms industry since 1974 when I received my F.F.L.

                        I currently have a web site that sells Hunting, Fishing and Firearms accessory items, the address is I also have a Retail Gun Shop called The Gunrunner in Monroe, Ohio. I also teach the Ohio C.C.W. class at the shop.

                        Please feel free to browse our site. If you don't find what you need drop us an email and let us know what it is. I deal with several major distributors and can generally find anything you need.

                        Also, if you are in the Monroe, Ohio area stop by the shop and say hi. It is always nice to put a face with a name we see on line.

                        Our Firearms Ownership rights are in your hands. Please remember when you vote that Obama doesn't even think you should be able to have a firearm in your own home and that Biden was the ORIGINAL FRAMER of the '94 Assualt Rifle Ban.

                        Please, when you go to the polls, vote McCain/Palin

                        Jim Venters
                        Bear On A Rock
                        For Firearms and CCW Training please visit our Retail Gun Shop. The Gunrunner, 636A S.Main St. Monroe, Ohio 45050. PH # 513-539-8480


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                          Hello all:
                          John C. from Stone Creek
                          NRA Life member
                          NRA certified pistol instructor
                          Tusco Rifle Club membership coordinator
                          The soldier in my avatar is my son. That's the gun truck he drove in Iraq.


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                            Hello Everyone:
                            Steve & Wilma H.

                            Wife and I have CCW and I belong to U.S.C.C.A.
                            And we both are members of NRA
                            Steven E. Haught


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                              Hello all:

                              The soldier in my avatar is my son. That's the gun truck he drove in Iraq.

                              From one Army parent to another:


                              2009 NRA "Sybil Ludington Women's Freedom Award" recipient
                              Member of the National Rifle Association's Board of Directors
                              Buckeye Firearms Association's Vice President
                              NRA Benefactor Member, NRA Certified Instructor, NRA-EVC, Realtor


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                                glad to find this to chl, but old to firearms, been shooting for about 35 years on and off
                                scott here from painesville, oh