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  • Introducing HowardCohodas

    I am relatively new to handguns. I got interested because of the Virginia Tech tragedy. I recruited there for my company and my son and his wife went to school there. I could no longer imagine myself in a situation unable to fight back.
    I carry a gun because I can't carry a cop!
    EDC Primary: M&P 45fs, Crimson Trace LaserGrip, Insight XTI Procyon weapon light in SmartCarry holster
    EDC BUG: LCP, Crimson Trace LaserGuard in DeSantis Super Fly holster

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    Welcome aboard.
    VT was a tragedy, No doubt.
    I pray for those families that lost their children.

    Let us do our best to try and prevent such things in the future by NOT sticking our head in the sand now.


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      Back in the 90's, when these types of mass murders happened, the reaction was to try more gun control. I think a combination of 9-11 and a realization that none of the 90's attemtps worked are what is leading to be more of the reaction you had to VT, Howard. Whatever it is, I'm glad to hear it is happening, and am glad to hear your story!

      I got into all this when my dad-in-law was car-jacked. He was carrying. I realized that had it been me at the time, I'd have been dead. I wonder how many here were converted by similar stories?