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  • nOOb near Toledo.

    HELLO BOARD. A bit about myself. I've been around guns and shooting my entire life. (Thank God) My father started letting me shoot the "big guns" when I was around 5-6 and was (HE says) keeping up with him by age 7-8. Shooting his Ruger Blackhawks and Redhawks was fun, but the .44 Blackhawk had a square cornered trigger guard that, for some reason, I remember biting me on more than one shooting occasion. hmmmmm

    Anyway, I'm former USAF, having been stationed at Scott AFB, home of the famed Nightingales! Sadly, they were de-commisioned between 2003 and 2005. I did their major an minor inspections, as well as some repairs. Didn't stay in long though.

    Still "played" with guns and introduced my father to the wonderful world of military rifles when I gave him some discarded M1 and Springfield O3-A3 stocks. From there on, he was hooked. At the time of his death, he had countless rifles from all countries, mainly WWI & WWII era rifles, but mainly Garands in various states of completion. I now have just a few of them as the rest were frittered away by my wicked step-mother after his death.

    I've been married to a great girl for the past 11+ years and have three step kids and NOW one grandbaby!! (sheesh, I'm only 40!!) He will also be taught the fun and importance of shooting and gun ownership, when he's ready!

    We're currently shopping for carry guns. my wife is looking at lightweight revolvers and I'll probably go with a Glock 30 or 36 for myself. I'm lucky to have found a wife that, while not having grown up around guns or knowing anything about them, is not scared of them or shut down to learning. She's shot my Taurus 608 and did great doing it. She surprised me!

    Even though I grew up around guns and lived only a few miles from Camp Perry, I've never been to the Natl Matches. I hope to change that this year. I'm still just as close as I was, so it should not be difficult to get there.

    Hope to learn a lot here and share what little knowledge I have gained over the years. Good to meet everyone.

    For the poll, I'm 6'4" slim to avg build, 200lbs with large hands. I'm not sure how I'm going to carry yet. Possibly, inside the waistband.

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    First let me say welcome to the forum.

    Any choice you make for a carry gun is a good one they make many different models to make many different people happy.
    All the choices you have to choose from in your poll are good I myself like the S&W M&P 45 alot. Try to get some trigger time with your choices and see which one you like best

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    they are the peoples' liberty's teeth"
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      generaltj, welcome to the forum, and thank you for serving! 8) sounds like you have a great wife and family - you've got a lot of NRA memberships to buy!! :lol:

      anyway, on your question, i'm partial to the m&p line, mainly because of the good reputation, lifetime warranty, and the ergonomics fit me best, especially w/ the interchangeable backstraps. caliber is a personal decision, can also get m&p in .40, .357SIG, and 9mm. you can get the .40 and 9mm in compact size. :wink:
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        First off, welcome to the forums! + thank you fo your service from a fellow veteran.

        For a carry gun the G36 is hard to beat, thin, powerful and remarkably controllable for a .45 sub-compact because of the telescoping recoil spring. Great CCW weapon. The only comprimise is it only has 6 rounds...but that is fine for many; the other minor criticism is that the G30 and G21 mags are not interchangable; so if you buy the G36 it is a "stand-alone" GLOCK. However, I do not feel "under-gunned" with this weapon + 2 spare mags.

        I have been happy with all my GLOCK purchases, full size compact and sub-compact -- they are all great. Reliable, accurate, easy right out of the box!

        Good luck on your selection.
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          pm inbound............ no its not ticking ........
          We can rebuild him, we can make him stronger, we can make him faster, we can make him politically correct..NOT !!!

          "Criminals obey "gun control" laws in the same manner politicians follow their oaths of office."