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    I tire of how complacent the party has become with the name game especially. We have done nothing in bringing in new blood with new ideas but recycled garbage that has basically said it is the same thing just a different day.
    So basically I look forward to stepping on toes, ruffling feathers and a few other things to make the party "Get it" once and for all. Nuff said.

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    Summit Republican:

    Welcome aboard!

    You'll find plenty of people here with useful information and, well, just fun....

    Have to agree with you on the Party, too. We've let RINO's get (re)elected for far too long, and not kept too many feet to the fire.

    This group (and OFCC) is working to try to change that, but it's expensive, and not going to happen easily.

    If BHO doesn't muck up the system totally, this may be a good time to be involved - a time to get Republicans AND Democrats who've not drunk the Kool-Aid, and don't want to, to stand up for OUR interests rather than just try to get re-elected or get good post-service jobs.

    Not to mention spending all that effort and money getting rid of a rascal, only to find out that the new rascals want to put the old one on the Supreme Court or some such....

    <t>Stu<br><br>(Why write a quick note when you can write a novel?)<br><br>ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒE<br><br>יזכר לא עד פעם</t>


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      welcome! 8) your statement underscores why it's important for us to get involves at all levels..
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