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How to post pictures on the messageboard

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  • hedgelj
    started a topic How to post pictures on the messageboard

    How to post pictures on the messageboard

    The way BFA has set up the messageboard you can only post pictures that are uploaded somewhere on the internet. This means you must find that place. There are many options available.
    Photobucket can be found here
    Picassa can be found here
    Webshots can be found here

    There are other sites as well so feel free to add to this thread with other photosharing websites.

    Now that the pictures you want to post have been uploaded its relatively simple to get them into a post. You have to figure out the direct url to the image and it should end .jpg or .jpeg
    You will take that long URL and copy it into your clipboard. Then when you have a message open you can click on the “img” button up near the top of the box you type in. This will bring up with a blinking cursor between them. You want to paste that direct URL between those so that you end up with

    Then click on the preview post button and check to make sure that the post looks how you want it to.

    For ease of viewing on this messageboard please try to limit images down to a maximum of 800 pixels in width.

  • jrohio
    I'm just learning and playing around with Image Shack, it's free with 10G storage I think.

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  • rich 2.0
    hunh ???

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  • smmassociates
    (Thanks, Hedgelj!)

    Sticky at Hedgelj's suggestion....

    Members are invited to post their favorite photo-sharing sites for stuff like this.

    Please avoid the "tasteless sheep joke of the month" site (Rich is probably going to handle that, along with the "Zombies Are Cool" sites....), but otherwise....

    I like TinyPic - no good reason other than having found it a couple years ago. They DO age stuff off the board every once in a while, and there's a "report me" function that might get your latest picture of your girlfriend with your new Ruger banned, but you probably shouldn't post that anyway :mrgreen: .


    You can also step through TinyPic's "collection". Mostly silly or inane, but sometimes fun. Time killer....


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  • hedgelj
    Tips when using photobucket:
    As you are looking at your folders in photobucket at the images you will see 4 lines underneath each image. If you click on the one that is labeled "IMG code" it will automatically copy all the information you need to use into your clipboard. Then when you are typing out your post just paste it into your post and it should work just fine for you. Otherwise you can click on the "direct link" area it will copy the direct link and you will have to still use the code I mentioned above.

    Photobucket pros:
    Very large amount of pictures can be stored.
    Pretty straightforward and easy to use.
    Automatically resizes images as you upload them to a max of 800 pixels in any dimension.

    Tips when using webshots:
    When you are viewing the image you want to use in webshots there is a section on the lower right hand section of the webpage labeled "link to this picture". Choose the size of the image you would like to post (100, 200, 425, 500, 600 and this is the size in pixels) and then click on the "direct link to this image" section. Then copy it into your clipboard and use the coding mentioned above.

    Pros for webshots:
    Allows you to choose different sizes of images to post easily.
    Can order prints directly from webshots.

    Small number of photos allowed per user before you need to pay for an account.
    Pages aren't as simple in appearance as other photo sharing websites.

    1. Go into the page for the image you want to post.
    2. Click on "All Sizes above the image.
    3. Select the image size you want to post. 800x600 works best for these forums.
    4. Copy the URL from the text box below the image labeled "2. Grab the photo's URL:"
    5. Paste into the img tags that hedge described above.

    Flickr pros:
    -Decent interface
    -Good organizational and decent editing tools
    -One of the cleanest sites, with not a lot of annoying ads
    -I am on it!

    -1GB limit without a Pro account, unlimited with
    -images are limited to 800x600 (I think) without a Pro account, unlimited with

    From Storl on

    If you use another photosharing website please post on here as to how it works with that website. Such as flickr, picassa, tinypic, etc.

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