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    Just joined today. Buckeye Firearms was highly touted by my CCW instructor. Going in for application process tomorrow. Never thought I's feel the need to carry a gun again after my US Army discharge in 1971. Times sure have changed. I'm a senior citizen who is NOT going to be intimidated by the punks out there preying on seniors. I'm too old to get into physical confrontations and too old to run, but by God I'm not too old to shoot if I feel that me or mine are in serious danger. I'll shut up now and learn from those who are wiser.

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    dacman III:

    Welcome Aboard!

    Don't forget to have a look at the sticky referenced in the "Forum Rules" masthead at the top of this page. Bring along some coffee, too, 'cause while it's not mandatory, it might be sleep inducing.

    At least it'll give you some idea of who's here, and how things work. Or an excuse to bury your computer in the back yard and....

    I'd guess we're about the same age (67 last May). I'm still physically imposing (well, BIG, at least ), but that which hurts works about as well as that which no longer works. I get up in the AM and look in the mirror. If I see myself, I then check the Obits. If I don't see myself, I make breakfast....

    <t>Stu<br><br>(Why write a quick note when you can write a novel?)<br><br>ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒE<br><br>יזכר לא עד פעם</t>


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      Welcome to the forum!
      NRA Certified Instructor,Member and Recruiter
      Centerburg Conservation Club Trustee
      CCC Range committee and Lake committee
      Second Call Defense Recruiter

      If you like guns, click here!


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        kookies ??????
        We can rebuild him, we can make him stronger, we can make him faster, we can make him politically correct..NOT !!!

        "Criminals obey "gun control" laws in the same manner politicians follow their oaths of office."


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          welcome dacman, and thanks for your service!
          NRA Endowment
          GOA Life
          SAF Life
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