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    Hello everybody my name is Ross. Im 23 and I live near Akron, its northeast Ohio. I've been into hunting every since I was a kid and its only gotten worse with age. I've been with my wife since we were in 8 th grade. Together 9 years and married for 5, we have 3 fur kids (dogs) and aside from shooting my bow and doing outdoor stuff, my life consists of my family, my hobbies and my work.

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    Welcome Aboard!

    Don't forget to have a look at the sticky referenced in the "Forum Rules" masthead at the top of this page. It's not mandatory, and may be sleep inducing, but it might give you an idea of who's here, and how this place runs. Not to mention who the little dog in my avatar is ....

    Been with your wife since eighth grade? Sheesh.... My late father-in-law and my (still living) mother-in-law were more or less neighbors since they were small. Eventually, he figured it out and joined the Army .... He jumped out of a plane over France on D-Day, and woke up in a hospital. She cuffed him to the bed and called a Rabbi.... I met my wife (yikes - about 39 years ago), courtesy of my mom, who used to sing with her in the Synagogue choir. Seems like only yesterday, and yesterday was a bad day, too :mrgreen: .

    I think you'll find we've got guys and gals into just about every aspect of about every hobby and job that's out there, and a few more that nobody's ever heard of. I'm mostly retired now - rent-a-cop and computer guru. Armed programmer.... Getting the cats to leave me alone is about as good as it gets these days , but I do hit the range about once a week, and have been reloading .45's for a bit over a year. After talking about it for 40 years....

    Photography, too.... And a bit of gunsmithing - if you own a 1911, you have to either do your own, or have a smith's number on speed dial.

    <t>Stu<br><br>(Why write a quick note when you can write a novel?)<br><br>ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒE<br><br>יזכר לא עד פעם</t>


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      That's funny you mentioned that about a 1911, my buddy just got one. I've got a Remington sportsman 57, 12 gauge semi auto but im currently on the market for a 9 mm. The wife said no go for Christmas but maybe out of the income tax


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        Be warned, you can't just buy one 1911! Same goes for S&W M&P's, and similar Tupperguns. (I won't mention the "G" word .)

        I think they mate in the safe.... Somebody hollers "close the door!" anyway.... :mrgreen:

        I gotta check out Zerocare for the wife - we're in the "old and sick" category , and might be able to save a buck, but odds are that the "fixes" will fix us .... Meantime, she's looking at disability. (I'm 67 - medicare and all that.) No refunds here.... Used to be nice, though....

        At the former day job, we ran into a mess when computerizing the payroll. Seems that the guys weren't telling their wives about vacation checks.... I had to split 'em up. So much for saving a check.... Never had that problem - the wife found out that such things existed and made sure she was at the office door on payday....

        <t>Stu<br><br>(Why write a quick note when you can write a novel?)<br><br>ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒE<br><br>יזכר לא עד פעם</t>


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          welcome ross!
          NRA Endowment
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          SAF Life
          Buckeye Firearms Assoc
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            What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance. Let them take arms." Thomas Jefferson to James Madison