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    I am a newby and live in Mendon, Mi. which is about 25 miles S. of Kalamazoo.

    I am a retired machinist and the 5th of 7 children....hence the 5of7 screen name. My main hobby is shooting and handloading.

    We are a "shall issue" state since 2001, a thing I thought never happen in my lifetime.

    Anyway, I just thought I would introduce my self. 8)

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    (Damn, I was hoping you were related to 7of9....)

    Welcome Aboard! Both of my sisters attended UofM in Ann Arbor many years ago. Which causes a bit of craziness when UofM plays Ohio State 'cause they both attended there, too....

    (I'm in Youngstown, where I'm safe from that rivalry, but we get into fights about the Browns and Steelers and....)

    Please have a look at the sticky referenced at the top of this page. Just some info about who's here and how this board works. It's not mandatory, and may start to put you to sleep after the first couple of pages, so it's OK to stop there. At least you'll find out who the little dog is. "Forum Rules" indeed :mrgreen: .

    <t>Stu<br><br>(Why write a quick note when you can write a novel?)<br><br>ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒE<br><br>יזכר לא עד פעם</t>