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  • How to edit post

    is there a way I can edit a post from last week

    Would like to update the photo

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    I think the ability to edit goes away after a certain amount of time. Just add a reply with the new photo.
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      JustaShooter is correct....

      I can't remember how many days, but a relatively short timer locks members out of editing. The idea is that an "oops, I spelled 'SMM' wrong" generally bites us on the backside very quickly, but there's a significant risk if the poster makes major changes in a post. After the thing has been around for a while, if, for example, you post "I oppose Open Carry" on Monday, and get the usual dozen or so (or more) responses, and then go back and change "oppose" to "favor", a lot of people may be a little upset.


      Mods and other admin types can step in and edit anything. PM or even publicly ask any of the admin types with whatever you want changed and somebody will remember how to do it ....

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