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  • Insurance

    After 60 years on this earth and having only owned an 1898 8mm mauser at one point I have jumped into the gun world and signed up for everything available... got CCW here in Ohio, joined NRA at training and signed up online as well as returned their paper form, applied for their top tier coverage of $100,000 for $7 a month but read in the typical sales crap that it wasn't applicable in several states including Ohio? No idea why they would mass mail a membership package to all those states with that info if I can't actually get that level of coverage. Does anyone know if that is the case or not?
    I probably have redundant coverage now because I also paid for the Second Call Defense insurance coverage suggested by Buckeye Firearms for their top tier coverage. Here's a question for that policy. It states that there is NO coverage for the following:

    Underwriters shall not defend the “Individual Insured Member” nor be obligated to pay for costs and expenses incurred in the defense of any criminal proceeding against the “Individual Insured Member” under Insuring Agreements VII.A. and B.

    But later it states they will reimburse you for said expenses as follows:

    With respect to any “act of self-defense” covered under Insuring Agreement VII.A. of this policy for which the “Individual Insured Member” is criminally charged with a crime involving a “legally possessed firearm” to which the Individual Insured Member pleads not guilty by reason of an “act of self-defense” and said criminal charge is dismissed or the Individual Insured Member is acquitted due to an “act of self-defense”, Underwriters have no obligation to provide a defense to the criminal charge; but Underwriters will reimburse the Individual Insured Member for the reasonable costs and expenses of his/her defense up to a maximum of the lower of the policy limit or $50,000 for any one and all criminal charges in excess of any other valid and collectible insurance only if all criminal charges are dismissed or the “Individual Insured Member” is acquitted of all criminal charges. However; grand jury or pre-indictment investigation which requires the “Individual Insured Member” to retain counsel and which results in favor of the “Individual Insured Member” whether by a verdict of not guilty, a formal dismissal of the criminal charge or indictment, or a declaration from the prosecuting attorney(s) that he or she does not intend to prosecute, (often referred to as nolle prosequi), the “Individual Insured Member”, would apply as if all charges were acquitted. In order to obtain reimbursement of reasonable costs and expenses of his/her defense, all charges related to the insured’s alleged violation should be addressed and dismissed or nolle prosequi.

    Typically confusing page after page of legalese as they also state you will speak with an attorney on the initial call to them after an incident, that they will refer you to a knowledgeable attorney locally among other things. So they won't defend you or get an attorney on retainer but will cut a referred attorney a check and will pay to bail you out if necessary. Emailed them and got a rather short useless answer that explained nothing.

    I guess what I'm asking is who has actually collected on these policies and been through the system with these policies?

    Also just purchased a Ruger LCP on sale and a DeSantis sticky holster suggested by the Ruger rep at a local shop. Claims he carries one in his hip pants pocket but its not accessible when I'm seated in the car, owning a black car limo service. Almost impossible to reach it let alone draw it. I tried the inside jacket pocket but again its not handy that way. Don't want a belt holster due to it possibly being seen if a breeze catches the suit coat. Carrying it now in the front pants pocket and its accessible but there's a catch. Haven't drawn it and hopefully never will but a couple times I've removed the holster after getting home I noticed the magazine had popped a quarter inch or so out and wouldn't snap back in unless I fiddled with the release button on the side. I'm a lefty and I didn't touch the release but instead it must have pushed against the holster at some point which has a velcro cover to look like a wallet . Not much use if I do have to draw it and the magazine falls to the floor! Any suggestions or has someone encountered this with this little pocket gun? I got extensions for the magazine and can actually put all three fingers on the grip. So far that hasn't proven to be a hindrance or gotten stuck in my pocket.