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Oppose SB288 and SB221

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  • Oppose SB288 and SB221

    Call your Senator today and have them oppose these draconian unconstitutional bills.

    Both these laws are trying make felons out of innocent Ohioans.

    BFA is sitting this out AGAIN so we are on our own to stop these police state type laws!

    These laws will Create a de facto statewide gun registry. Anyone who doesn't use it could be guilty of a 3rd degree felony and three years in prison. Implement a de facto "Red Flag Gun Confiscation Law." Dewine and Husted is lying. The "Pink Slip" laws are just as dangerous and unconstitutional as the Red.

    And the "Seller Protection Certificate" is a solution in search of a problem that will only help gun-grabbers achieve their goal of Beto-style gun confiscation attempts, and I'm opposed to that in every way, shape and form.
    I carry a firearm because a cop is too heavy and takes too many breaks.

    Montani Semper Liberi - (Mountaineers Are Always Free)