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  • Ready to fight yet?

    Still going after 20 more years of “morsels” after this?

    You ready to throw the hammer at these Dictator want to be’s for denying our rights in a time of crises that THEY CREATED?

    And no, don’t tell me we still can open carry, or the permission slips will be extended crap.

    You can’t carry in your vehicles without a permission slip where you can be your most vulnerable. Don’t tell me you still can open carry when your coat covers your gun the slightest it’s now considered concealed. Don’t tell me you still own your guns. Because any other violation could have LE or now, possible National Guard disarm and imprison you for not having your permission slip and use any reason to confiscate your arms.

    Enough is enough, if this doesn’t trigger Buckeye Firearm Ass into full attack mode into fighting to pass Constitutional Carry, you are not worthy of the word ‘firearm’ in your name.

    Even the anti-gun people woke up and went to buy guns. Probably too late because either they’re out, or, like now, they cant get an Unconstitutional and unconscionable NICS and, it is for this exact reason.

    But I know, it won’t change y’all’s mind trying to abolish that abomination of a law because we need to know who’s a criminal trying get a gun. Right. Although, criminals will have their guns while those innocent folks STILL CANNOT GET THEIRS BECAUSE OF THIS BS!

    But hey, the Sheriff and politicians will grant others a waiver who is willing to pay to get their rights back by corrupt power hungry people who have their guns and armed body guards.

    It’s pretty disgusting.

    I know, I’m the unreasonable one, right. You better take a look around and look at the 16 states, including my home state of W.Va. And see who is safer today because they fought the treacherous politicians hard and”ALL AT ONCE” and got their rights back and their people are carrying WEAPONS to defend their lives against evil thugs who might try to hurt them without worrying about the other evil thugs in Govt trying to put them in prison for exercising their natural God given rights of self defense CONCEALED OR NOT, WITH OUT A PAID GOVT PERMISSION SLIP.

    You need to take a lesson from them.
    I carry a firearm because a cop is too heavy and takes too many breaks.

    Montani Semper Liberi - (Mountaineers Are Always Free)