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Biden's gun control measures, holy Hell

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  • Biden's gun control measures, holy Hell

    Per sleepy Joe's website (, he will apparently, if elected, attempt to:
    • Allow gun makers to be sued for individuals’ use of firearms
    • Reinstate a national assault weapon and high-capacity magazine ban
    • Force existing gun owners who own “assault weapons” to register them
    • Force a national gun buyback program for those who refuse to register
    • Place restrictions on the number of firearms anyone can buy to one per month
    • Institute far-reaching Red Flag and firearm confiscation laws without due process
    • End the online sale of all firearms and ammunition
    • Incentivize states to enact red flag laws
    • Allow states to set up “gun licensing” programs

    Not to get political with polls, but things aren't looking too good for the Second Amend's prospects if this guy wins. The whole "ending online sales of all firearms and ammo" doesn't even make sense, since all those sales are highly regulated and require an FFL transfer. Is this just pandering to the liberal energy of 2020, or do you think he's actually going to try to pass all of this?