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  • Mossberg Shockwave

    Perhaps this has been discussed, but I could not find anything on it.
    I have a Shockwave on order, but just heard a rumor that they are illegal in Ohio, and
    nobody is shipping them here.
    Does anyone know/or heard about this?

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    It's not that they are illegal, per se, but they are classified as a "dangerous ordnance" and require additional license to possess.

    ORC 2923.11(F) confirms that, due to the 14" barrel length, this meets the state's definition of a sawed-off shotgun:

    "Sawed-off firearm" means a shotgun with a barrel less than eighteen inches long, or a rifle with a barrel less than sixteen inches long, or a shotgun or rifle less than twenty-six inches long overall.

    ORC 2923.11(K)(1) defines "dangerous ordnance" to include "Any ... sawed-off firearm"

    ORC 2923.17 (Unlawful possession of dangerous ordnance) makes it illegal to possess dangerous ordnance.

    (C)(5) exempts NFA registered items, which this cannot be as stated in the ATF's letter.
    (C)(7) exempts "The holders of a license or temporary permit issued and in effect pursuant to section 2923.18 of the Revised Code".

    If you still want this, you're going to need to read then contact your sheriff's office about getting such a permit.


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      Thanks for the info. Quite the bummer for sure. I guess it`s another example of moronic Ohio laws (front license plate, Tannerite, fireworks, immediately come to mind).


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        It took them forever to correct the 31+ round mag issue.


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          A buddy (who is in Law Enforcement) made a great point to me;

          "Because this is not a shotgun, according to the ATF. It cannot be a sawed-off shotgun. I don't believe Ohio law addresses this firearm. I still reserve the right to be wrong."

          It is not a "sawed off rifle" either. I believe it is classified as "any other weapon".
          So now I`m really confused. Who would determine this. Ohio AG?


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            It's not an AOW (any other weapon) as that designation comes from the NFA (national firearms act) and the ATF contends this weapon is outside the provisions of the NFA. See the ATF determination letter:

            Note that just because it is not a shotgun under the language of the NFA does not mean it isn't legally a shotgun under other laws.

            I'm not a lawyer or a cop. You do what you think is best for you. Good luck.


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              They are Legal now since Gov. Dewine Signed them into Law a couple Months ago...
              Another words We as Citizens of Ohio can have them...